Ms. Ryan is here to remind you that you will ALWAYS be a loser.Most of us remember the feeling in the pits of our stomachs as we stood in physical education class and watched as the group around us dwindled as teams were picked. The same thought ran through each of our heads, begging whatever universal power could be listening that we wouldn’t be picked last. That someone else was more of a loser than ourselves. This is a universal truth, no matter if you are the first person chosen or the second to last. No one wanted to be the last one standing, because you knew it meant you weren’t chosen so much as you were the default. The humiliation at that moment stings in a uniquely pure way. And some of you spend the rest of your lives chasing after that feeling of utter sexual humiliation.

The Success Story

Indeed, you go about the day-to-day convincing people that you were never the last pick. You’ve made quite a success of yourself and probably have a few people that look up to you as a success story. You have a comfortable life, maybe even a small amount of power in your career. Overcompensation isn’t the route you took, but certainly, you have a few luxuries that make you feel “better” about who you’ve become. A newer model car, impeccably dressed, a firm handshake that conveys a sense of power. Sometimes, though, you can’t help it. That gnawing feeling in your gut that reminds you it’s all just an illusion, and at any moment someone is going to realize it. The heightened sense of awareness can be draining, never sure of who is going to stand up in that conference room, and announce that you are “a loser.” Sensual humiliation, for many, brings back that sensation.

Humiliation at Work

When you’re walking to your car and a group of people are on the other side of the garage, you can see them talking. The stray thought goes through your head, and you wonder if they are talking about you. Do they know it’s all a lie? One of them gives off a very Alpha Male vibe. He’d be the team captain if you were still in school. Would he pick you, or would you be left standing alone as everyone else congratulated each other on not being chosen last? His glance your way confirms it. The slight raise of the corner of his lip is a sneer you’re not ready to see. But at the same time, you need to see it more than you need your next breath of oxygen. Because even though your hands are shaking and your head is racing, you can’t deny that your cock is harder than it’s been in months. It’s practically throbbing in your pants, and you aren’t sure if you’re going to make it home before you need to get off.

The Loser Stroke

But you can’t, can you? Sure, you can get in your car and drive away, so they don’t see you, but when you get home and race downstairs to your “man cave,” you just can’t get the job done. Thoughts of that sneer make your blood race, and the sweat is pouring down your face even though the central air conditioning is set down low, and there’s a fan blowing directly at you. But no matter how many times you think of it, or you recall that feeling in the pit of your stomach, it’s not enough. You’re surrounded by reminders of your success, and it’s hard to feel small by yourself. You need someone who can remind you of how insignificant you really are. Someone to point out that your successes aren’t significant because it doesn’t change that you’re always going to be a loser.

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