I’ve always found the erotic in things that other people perhaps didn’t see so clearly. There’s such a deep energy and drive available when you subvert the body’s usual reaction to stimulation and push it in ever increasingly perverse ways. I was thinking about it the other day, and realized that there’s a true lack of ruined orgasm erotica out here in the internet, so I thought I’d do something about that. I want to show you what I see when I push you to this sort of extreme behavior. I want you to see how sexy you look for me, when you let me humiliate you like this.

Ruined Orgasm Erotica

Mistress Harper Knows Ruined Orgasms Make You BetterThe first time I ruined my boyfriend’s orgasm was an accident. I was just playing with his cock, stroking it and making him beg me to let him finish, on the tail end of a pretty long edging and gooning session. I suppose I’d pushed him pretty far, he was such a sweaty and overwhelmed mess, cock twitching untouched and leaving smears of pre-cum on his belly with every flex. All I did was lean in and whisper in his ear that he looked so damn good like this, debauched and ravished, so totally gone for me, and that I was going to be keeping him like this, endlessly on the edge of orgasm for my pleasure. I barely touched the tip of his deep red, aching hard cock, running my fingernail over the slit in the tip while he whined, and then, oopsy. He came. Basically untouched, with no stroking, just spurt after spurt being wrung out of him, running down his cock and balls, while he arched up off the bed and cried out for me.

It was incredibly erotic and hot and I just knew I was going to do that again.

So I Did That Again

I didn’t tell him that I was planning to give him a ruined orgasm on purpose, of course. But I bet he could figure it out from context clues. I mean, I talked about it constantly, about how fucking sexy it was to see him cum for me just from my words, barely touched at all, the extreme of orgasm coupled with the intense humiliation of just not being able to control himself or hold back. I’d found a brand new kink for myself and was determined to play with it as much as I possibly could. So the next time we were going to do a scene together, I had the bed straps out and a nice absorbent towel laid out, and the good lube, too. He gave me a look, and a little shy smile, and got into position eagerly. Just like all our edging sessions and fun with masturbation games before, I started him off with plenty of lube and my hand. I got downright creative, too! If you combine a Fleshlight and a strong wand vibe in the right way you can perpetually edge and stimulate a nice hard cock for hours (or at least it’ll seem like hours!)

My poor boyfriend was once again reduced to a crying, begging, mess of slutty desperate need. His eyes were blown wide, the pupil overtaking the iris; his eyelashes clumped together with his overwhelmed tears. He looked so sexy, pleading with me to let him cum, to do anything I wanted, if only I would just let him finally stop edging. I told him he was such a slut for me, so dirty and filthy, with his cock weeping pre-cum everywhere. I asked him if I should reposition him so he’d cum on his own face, or if he’d promise to eat his own cum for me if I let him finish. He was so humiliated as he promised me anything I wanted, anything at all, just to please, let him cum. I took the wand away, and the Fleshlight, and started to just so gently stroke his cock. As he reached the edge, I told him that I was going to give him a ruined orgasm again, and then edge him through the over-stimulation until he came again for me. I took my hand away, and he showed me exactly how much he loved that idea by coming untouched for me!

Do You Want Your Own Ruined Orgasm Erotica?

You know what to do to get your very own dirty story about erotic humiliation, cum play, and ruined orgasms. Close your eyes and think about what makes you hot, bothered, and horny. Do you wish I’d used a vibrating butt plug to milk my boyfriend’s prostate? Maybe you’re thinking about the use of nipple clamps and cock rings during a session, and how if you’re desperate enough just removing the cock ring can make you spurt. Maybe you have all sorts of perverted ideas you want to play out in a session. Whether you want a custom story, erotic audio, or to live out your fantasies by phone with me, I am definitely amenable! Let’s talk. Email me: harper@enchantrixempire.com

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