Demise of the Alpha Male by Ms. AlexisAlpha male meets humiliation.

There’s nothing worse to me than a cocky, conceited man. Yes, confidence is absolutely sexy, but when you cross the line it’s such a huge turn off to me and most other women. You go out of your way to show the world how much better you are than everyone else. You think every single woman in the world wants you. I love to show men like you that you really are not quite as much of an alpha male as you think you are. There’s one thing that will bring any man to his knees.  One thing he will do pretty much anything for:


The thing is, you don’t deserve my pussy. The only thing you deserve is a big, fat dose of humiliation.

 So easy to humiliate a guy who’s clueless.

You’re going to come home with me thinking that as an alpha male you have a real shot at having sex with me. I’ll sit on your lap, make out with you, touch you and get you really hot and bothered. That’s when you’re going to find out that you are going to have to jump through some hoops if you want the chance to be with me. I tell you that I have a fantasy that really turns me on and I tell you that unless you help me make it come to life, I’m just not going to have sex with you. You’re so excited that you agree to do anything I tell you to.

When I pull out the panties, bra, and stockings, you tell me you really aren’t sure you want to do that. That’s when I pull my skirt up a little bit and give you a view of my gorgeous ass and it doesn’t take you long to grab that lingerie off the bed and start putting it on. You think that’s all you have to do and you put your hand on my ass and I stop you. There’s just one more thing you have to do before you can get your hands on me.

I’ll get you nice and and frisky before the humiliation begins.

I hand you a vibrator, and I tell you that I want you to fuck yourself with it. I want you to masturbate like a girl. Oh, you’ve never done that before? Well, get ready because you’re about to! I hope you don’t mind me taking pictures… I mean, how else will I show everyone if there are no pictures!? I also hope you didn’t really think you were going to get to fuck me. That’s never going to happen.


Call me for your humiliation phone sex session now… I promise it will be tons of fun… for me.


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