Think about it, pathetic loser. It is great fun for me to humiliate you!  I’m the kinda woman who loves to break barriers, push boundaries!  What luck I have, to be able to exercise my darker side. A side which “polite society” frowns upon. Good girls are supposed to tend to others’ feelings, and mature women are full of grace. Those are all admirable attributes, I agree. But drawing outside of the lines is hot! Breaking societal boundaries is a chance to jump out of that proverbial box. Exhilarating! I am known to think quick on my feet, rip the self-respect off of the unsuspecting dolt that dares anger me with their neanderthal mentality, and all with a smile. Yea, I definitely draw on that part of me.

Pathetic And Sane

But, my addicted to humiliation friend, although I draw from that side of me, it doesn’t become that part of me. Make sense?  I’m actually very measured in session. Anger and high negative emotion drain you and make your brain dumb. It also proves to serve no practical purpose.  Staying in the moment, being present, listening to your inflection seeking out your weaknesses to wield them against you as I deem fit is my M.O.  Like a detective at times, as you peel back the onion of your loser self until you lay vulnerable trembling and probably sobbing quietly like the sniveling bitch you are.

Pathetic loser humiliation

Loser Humiliation

Pathetic Loser Fun

The fun with humiliation is being able to “go there”, as a submissive, in a humiliation scene and come back (with help), which is really a mark of a mature and brilliantly wicked mind if you ask me. I love getting those juices flowing, the submissiveness washing over you. We’ll negotiate so it’s always safe, sane, and consensual!  I won’t engage in humiliation play if I think it would write on your soul, change who you are for the worst. That’s not what I am here for.

But for those who crave humiliation to send you to subspace, to shed the robes of everyday life, and feel that submissive wave washes over your very being, you need to submit your mind and your body to me.

Mistress Erika

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