Ms. Hunter says you should masturbate to gay porn (800) 601-6975It’s the holiday season so that means being festive and decorating that dinky dick 12 different ways- a new one each day up until Christmas. Since that tiny nubbin is too small for anything else, you may as well use it for my amusement. Don’t forget to take pictures and send them to me!

Most of these will require some outside-the-box thinking and some require you to make things- aka “arts and crafts” but that’s all part of the holiday fun!

Here are the 12 ways to decorate that dinky dick:

  1. Red and Green Ribbons and Bows – The first dinky dick decoration is pretty simple.  Grab some ribbons and tie them around your little nubin and balls- bonus points for curling the ends of the ribbon. Then top of your toy soldier with a pretty bow.
  2. Wee Willy Warmer – This one is is pretty simple but fun. Basically, you want a glove or a mitten on your dicklet but try to make it fit using rubber bands or ribbon so it will stay on. Bonus points for waiving hello with your will willy warmer!
  3. Santa Hat  This assignment is a bit arts and crafts-y.  Use felt and glue, or construction paper, or any other materials you think might make a good Santa hat. The key is, it should be red with the white around the bottom and the white pom-pom on top. You want the hat small enough it will rest atop your we williy head without sliding down and covering everything.
  4. The Grinch – Use your imagination here to create a grinch for your little inchworm. You can make a grinch hat, the grinch face, or even cover the whole nubbin with its own grinch costume. Make sure to include googly eyes!
  5. Garland – This one is pretty simple and no real explanation is needed.  Grab some shiny tinsel and use your imagination to decorate.
  6. Red and Green Clothespins – This may be one of my favorite. I doubt you can just find red and green clothespins so you’ll likely have to do the arts and crafts thing to make them red and green. Red and green chip clips would work too. The idea is to cover your dicklet and balls with as many clothespins or clips as will fit.
  7. Frosty the Snowman – Use your imagination for this one, as well.  Do you want a little back top hat and red scarf for an abstract frosty? Or do you want to make a snowman and strap it to your lil willy?  Can’t wait to see what you come up with for this one!
  8. Dinky Dick Stocking – Hahaha… I know you’ll never find a stocking tiny enough to fit your lil pee pee so you’ll have to get creative with this one.
  9. Wreath around the Dinky Dick -This one is just like it sounds. Make a wreath out of whatever materials you wish and slide your baby carrot through the wreath.  Remember your lack of size when creating the wreath- don’t want to make it too big!
  10. Wrapping paper covered Dinky Dick – Wrap it up like a disappointing present; all pretty and wrapped and decorated so nicely only to discover when it’s unwrapped, it wasn’t worth wrapping in the first place! hahaha
  11. Red & Green Jello Sploshing – This may not sound like decorating but have you ever seen the stains red and green jello can make? Use red and green jello to stroke your nub, trying to stain it as you go. Make it festive!
  12.  Dinky Dick in a Box – This one is arts and crafts, all the way. Make a festively-decorated gift box to slip your dinky dick into. Another disappointing present, wouldn’t you agree?


Don’t Forget to Send Pics!

There you have it- 12 days of decorating your dinky dick!  Don’t forget to send pics, as I will be choosing a winner from those who do send pics. The winner will receive 10 free minutes, on me.  If you have other ideas for decorating your dinky dick and would you like to do more than these 12, feel free to do that, too!

I am really looking forward to laughing at your festive dinky dicks and can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

Happy Decorating!

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