Cum Eating and Cum Play Humiliation with Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975Cum eating and cum play can be both very exciting and very humiliating. There are all sorts of creative ways to eat your own cum and maybe you’ve tried a few, but have you have tried cum play?  Cum play masturbation is exactly what it sounds like it is- playing with your cum in various humiliating ways while you masturbate or just after ejaculation.

One of the most obvious and most common forms of cum play is using pre-cum or a saved-up cum load as lube for masturbation.  While this can be fun and exciting, it just doesn’t pack as much of a humiliation punch as even eating your own cum, let alone some of the many other forms of cum play.

I love watching guys play with their own cum! Don’t get me wrong, I have all sorts of ideas for cum play humiliation up my sleeve and can certainly order you to play with your cum in different ways but it is even more fun when YOU come up with your own ideas for ways for creative cum play.


Sploshing and Cum Eating

Sploshing and Cum Eating with Mistress Hunter (800) 601-6975Sploshing, also known as the wet and messy fetish or WAM fetish, is a fun way to enjoy playing with cum and eating it. Sploshing and cum eating or cum play go together in perfect combination, really.  It also works great if you’ve not been successful at eating your own cum before because cumming in or on food is a good way to mask the taste of cum and/or forget that you are eating your own cum because you’re enjoying the sweet treat.

Here are just a few fun ways you can enjoy Sploshing and cum eating together:

Banana Cream Pie – This is one of my favorite ways to enjoy cum play because it’s a constant reminder that you are humiliating yourself.  A banana cream pie is where you take a banana peel with about an inch of banana left in it and use it to stroke with.  When you get ready to cum, cover that piece of banana with cum cream and then eat that banana cream pie out of the peel.

Berries and Cream – Berries and cream is a good way to get started eating your cum if you haven’t done it before, and since it is summertime, it’s the perfect refreshing treat!  You can do this with fresh berries if you prefer, but frozen berries that have partially thawed work best because the cum cream mixes better with them to form an almost ice cream like texture.

Cream-filled Cupcake – Another fun way to enjoy Sploshing and eating your own cum is by getting a non-filled cupcake and hollowing it out so when the time comes, you can fill the cupcake with your own cum cream and then eat it.  Even better, enjoy eating it along with a nice cup of coffee with cum creamer!

There are many, MANY more ways you can enjoy erotic food play masturbation along with eating your own load but these should at least get you started!


The Mission CUMPossible Team Needs YOU!

Mission-CuMPossible-Cum-Play-and-Cum-Eating-Assignmnts-with-Ms-Claire-and-Ms-Hunter Have you heard of Mission CUMPossible?  If not, head on over to the Phone Sex Assignment store and check it out.  As a member of the Mission CUMPossible team, you will receive 30 days of emails containing cum play and eating missions for you to execute. Each mission is unique and I guarantee you will be surprised at the number of cum play and cum eating assignments you’ve never even thought to try before- even if you are a seasoned cum eater!

Mission CUMPossible is the perfect way to expand your cum play horizons if you’re already a cum eater and a great introduction to cum play and eating your own cum for those of you who have not yet been successful cum eaters.

The Mission CUMPossible Team is always looking for new Agents. Will you be the next?

There you have it, humiliation sluts.  A few ways to enjoy eating your own cum and cum play humiliation and an invitation to join the ranks of the infamous Mission CUMPossible Team!  Do you have what it takes to join the ranks?

Until next time~

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