Ms HunterHere’s why you need a cum eating humiliation assignment.  know you’d like to be a real man with a big cock, and let’s be honest, what man wouldn’t? The trouble is that you are not a real man with a big cock. Instead, you are a pathetic wimp with a small penis.

Not only that, but you jizz the minute you get excited. No woman is ever going to let you fuck her, even if you do last long enough for her to consider it. You’ve finally realized that the only way to get a woman to pay attention to you is if you can make her laugh at your expense.

Heck, if you were honest with yourself, you’d have to admit that men don’t really like you all that much either. They call you pantyboy behind your back and laugh about what a wimp of a man you are. You can’t even get upset with them because it’s true; you do wear panties, and you are a pathetic excuse for a man.

Dishing up the Cum Eating Humiliation

Since everybody already knows you’re a loser, including you, why not just dish up a little public humiliation for yourself. Before you go to work the next time, masturbate and save your cum in a small plastic container and store it in a brown paper bag marked “Lunch” in the refrigerator until time to go to work. Either pack a salad to go along with it or go out to a restaurant with a group of coworkers and order a salad.

Once you have your salad, open the container of dressing and put it on your salad. You will probably have to use a spoon to get all the cum out of the container and onto your salad. Stir the cum dressing into the salad and eat. If your coworkers ask you what kind of dressing you are eating, tell them “it’s just a little something I made earlier,” and leave it at that.

They may not know exactly what your salad dressing is made of, but you do and are reminded of this cum eating humiliation assignment each time you take a bite or they ask about it. You’ll be reminded constantly by the cum on your breath as you go about the rest of your day.

Let’s hope nobody else wonders what that smell on your breath is from.  Then again, I hope they do!  How humiliating for you to have to deal with!  You deserve it, loser!

Until next time, humiliation slut…


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