Experience masturbation humiliation with this cam assignment from Mistress Hunter.
Hello there, chronic stroker boy. I know you are addicted to masturbation. That’s why I think it only fitting for you to do at least one masturbation humiliation cam assignment for me. It’s okay, I get it.

No woman in her right mind will give you the time of day unless you are paying her, unless you are doing something to humiliate yourself and amuse her, or preferably, BOTH. Lucky for you, there are a lot of ways you can humiliate yourself in the presence of a beautiful woman. I’m sure you’ve either thought of or actually done many of these, but just in case, here are a few ways to humiliate yourself while masturbating for Mistress.


Sploshing Masturbation Humiliation Cam Assignment

If you haven’t tried food play or wet and messy masturbation humiliation assignments on cam for your Mistress, what are you waiting for? If you are into being humiliated, sploshing is one of the best ways to humiliate yourself on cam.

Make sure you have a drop cloth or something to help contain the mess, bring any kind of food you have on hand, and I will find ways for you to use it to humiliate yourself for me. One really fun way to humiliate yourself with sploshing is to wear an extra large pair of panties or pantyhose, shove cake, pie, or other similar food items into them, and masturbate yourself through those wet-and-messy panties or nylons.

There are many, many other fun ways you can enjoy Sploshing masturbation humiliation cam assignments, as well.  Need some ideas? I’ve got more than you can imagine!

Be a Pillow Humper

Watching you hump a pillow is a favorite masturbation humiliation cam assignment of mine. I mean, seriously, would you be humping a pillow if you could get a real woman? I especially like having you name your new girlfriend (pillow) and kiss her, caress her, tell her how much you love her, all while humping away at her with your little dicky.

There is nothing quite so humiliating as me giving you masturbation humiliation cam assignments to do while you are already in the process of humping your pillow girlfriend!

Be a Hand Humper

I also enjoy watching you hump your hand. I don’t mean just stroke, I mean lube up your hand, hold it in a loose fist, and thrust those hips, humping your hand. Of course, you must refer to your hand as Rosie or some other equally humiliating name, and again, tell her how much you love her, how she is always there for you, how you can’t live with out her, all while humping her (your hand.)

Use a DIY Sex Toy

While I’ve seen many a pet humiliate themselves by using numerous household items not otherwise intended for masturbation, I have only recently gotten the pleasure of watching a couple of pets humiliate themselves by using DIY sex toys. If you really want to humiliate yourself on cam for me in a way that will give me the greatest amusement, take the time to research and make your own sex toy and then use it to humiliate yourself on cam while I watch.


Masturbation Humiliation Cam Assignment Ideas are Unlimited

You may choose to do any or all of these masturbation humiliation cam assignments. The key is, you must do them for me on cam.  You can’t just call and tell me you are doing them. I must be able to see you doing them so I can give direction. Besides, it’s no fun for me if I can’t watch, taunt, and laugh!


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