It’s time for you to humiliate yourself for my amusement.

masturbate for Harper 800 356 6169I love it when a man agrees to humiliate himself for me. When I can laugh and point and have you agree to quite literally anything just to amuse me, well, that’s just perfect. I know you’re a slut for me, and will you agree to be a clown as well? A pathetic, weak, eager to please bitch for me to use, abuse, and play with. I want you to humiliate yourself for no other reason than that it makes me laugh.

Here’s what I want you to do, to completely humiliate yourself for me

First, you’re going to need a lot of lube, because I just love the shine and gleam of a wet, hard, turned on cock. You’re going to take that lube and coat your cock and balls in it for me, all the way back to your taint!

Next up, you’re going to need a sheet of paper. I’d prefer something nice and soft, like newsprint paper, sketch paper, or construction paper, not a hard paper like watercolor paper, card stock, or whiteboard.

Now here’s the part where you humiliate yourself

You’re going to take your sopping wet cock and balls and place them gently onto the paper. Leave your cock and balls sitting there for a count of ten, and then lift yourself directly upwards, trying not to smear the imprint. Take a picture of your cock print, with a dollar bill next to it for scale, and email it to me at, so I can see your pathetic dick print and get a good laugh!

Follow my humiliation instructions to completely humiliate yourself for me, and I’ll have a special treat for you.

I’ll be eagerly awaiting your emails!xoxo, Harper




Humiliate yourself for Mistress Harper.



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