Humiliation Bootcamp Assignments with Ms. Hunter (800) 601-6975I love humiliation and have written many Humiliation Boot Camp Assignments over the years so I thought it would be fun to put together a list of my top 5 favorite humiliation posts for you to enjoy.


1. Humiliation Entertains: Why I Enjoy Humiliating You

I have asked myself many time why I enjoy being a humiliation Mistress so much and I think one of the big reasons I enjoy it is seeing the pleasure/pain principle in action.  There is a lot of truth to the saying “hurts so good” and humiliation can be a perfect manifestation of this.

I love discovering your triggers and pushing your buttons; hearing you go back and forth between moans of agony and moans of pleasure. If I do my job right, I’ll keep you on that teeter totter for a while before finally tipping it to the side of pleasure.  Read more about it in Humiliation Entertains: Why I Enjoy Humiliating You.


2. Cum Eating Humiliation with Ms. Hunter

Any of you who know me know I love getting you to eat your cum for me and the more creative ways you can gobble that jizz, the more it excites me.  It’s naughty and taboo but it’s also a bit humiliating to be begging to be made to eat your own splooge while I watch.  Aside from that, it’s a lot of fun to give you cum eating assignments that are embarrassing yet exciting.

This is one of the most fun cum eating humiliation boot camp assignments I think I’ve ever created.  The fact that you are eating your own cum but doing it in public, in close proximity to others is very humiliating but also exciting!  Now that I’ve got your interest piqued, go check out the assignment in Cum Eating Humiliation with Ms. Hunter.


3. Why You Should Only Masturbate to Gay Porn

There could be (and probably are) any number of reasons why you should be masturbating only to gay porn, not the least of which, is the fact that you’re not a real man.  You don’t measure up enough to please women so you don’t deserve to watch straight porn.  Besides, I know you’ve spent a lot of time fantasizing about sucking cock- whether you want to admit it or not.  All men do.

Even those men with big cocks who can please women the way you can’t have thought about sucking cock before.  The difference is, for them, it was a fleeting thought- wondering what it would be like. For you though, it’s like an obsession.  You can’t stop thinking about it.  It usually starts because you are in awe that there are cocks that big since yours is so woefully inadequate and then progresses into you wanting to be a full-on cock slut.  Read more about it in Why You Should Only Masturbate to Gay Porn.


4. Humiliation Boot Camp Assignment: Coerced Bi Humiliation

This humiliation boot camp assignment is just kind of a natural continuation of the previous one.  After watching gay porn for so long, you really can’t stop craving cock.  You think about it all the time.  Can’t even remember the last time you masturbated when you weren’t thinking of cock.

It may start out with you getting a dildo and sucking on it, trying to learn to be a good cock sucker but the next thing you know, you wonder what it would be like to be impaled by that big dildo.  After a while, you love it so much that a dildo just isn’t enough anymore, and you become obsessed with finding real cock.  Then, once you have real cock, there is no turning back.

Nobody has ever sucked a real cock and come back and told me they didn’t like it and cock sucking just wasn’t for them.  They ALL develop an insatiable need to be a cock whore and will practically stop at nothing to get it.  You know this is your destiny.  Go ahead and read Coerced Bi Humiliation so you can get started on your future as a cock slut!


5. Ms. Hunter’s Grocery Store Humiliation Assignment

I love grocery store humiliation assignments and this one is no exception.  I’m sure, if you’re here, you’ve probably done your fair share of them but this one is still one of my go-to phone sex assignments when asked for one.  Aside from doing the actual assignment, did you know you may be already embarrassing yourself every time you go to the store without even realizing it???

Those preferred customer cards- you know the ones I mean, all the stores have their own version of them- they track everything you purchase and somebody, somewhere is reading a list of things you’ve purchased in the last year or two right now.  Not only that, you don’t even need a preferred card for them to do that. If you use your credit or debit card, they keep track of things purchased with that card and still have a list.

I’m guessing those who are reading your list of purchases are probably getting a good laugh at some of those purchases and coming to their own conclusions of why certain things were purchased and whether or not they were used for the intended purpose or for something more humiliating.  That said, go ahead and read Ms. Hunter’s Grocery Store Assignment so you can go add more embarrassment to your already embarrassing situation!


Need More Humiliation Assignments?

Ms. Hunter and Ms. Casey's Humiliation Assignment Calendar Bundle (800) 601-6975I have teamed up with Kinky Phone Domme Ms. Casey to create a series of Humiliation Assignment Calendars I know you will enjoy. First, there is the March Humiliation Calendar with has a unique humiliation assignment for each day in March.  Try it out- you’ll be so hooked you’ll want more!

There you have it, humiliation sluts! My favorite Humiliation Boot Camp assignments AND new Humiliation Assignment calendars with unique assignments every single day for THREE MONTHS!

Now, get out there and humiliate yourself and do Me proud!

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