I know you get off on humiliation or you wouldn’t be here and you know what? You can’t help but get excited when a beautiful woman humiliates you utterly and completely. I’m sure you have lots of things I can humiliate you about that will make your lil’ pecker harder than cement, but what do *I* get out of it? What makes me enjoy humiliating you so much? Humiliation entertains me! Have you ever thought about that?

Your Humiliation Entertains MeYour humiliation entertains Mistress Hunter

I have thought about it a lot, why I enjoy humiliating you so much, and have come to the conclusion that it’s the “hurts so good” dichotomy I enjoy the most. It excites me to hear your whimpers of pain and cries of torment followed by moans of pleasure. Better yet, whimpers and cries without the moans of pleasure but with the assurance only a hard cock can give.

I love the fact that your cock gives you away. Even if you say humiliation doesn’t excite you, your cock betrays you. I love when that happens!  Of course, I love to point out how your lil dick betrays you. How you try so hard to tell me your inadequacy doesn’t excite you but your dicklet gives you away every single time.

I Like Being a Mean Mistress!

I’m definitely a sensual Mistress most of the time, but that doesn’t mean I can’t and won’t be mean. I like that I can cut you to the core with well-timed sarcasm and back-handed compliments. I like having the power to turn you into a hot mess, emasculated and hurting yet turned on and excited. Your mental anguish, pain and discomfort excite me.

I will sympathize with you and help patch your wounds just so I can tear them open again, this time, cutting deeper than before. If you are looking for someone to be kind and gentle and feel sorry for you inadequacies and perhaps take pity on you, you’re looking in the wrong place.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I will be very nice and gentle in my tone.  But listen to the words and the meaning behind them.  Sometimes it is as much of what I don’t say as what I do say.  I can humiliate you to the core without you even realizing what hit you until it’s over!

Oh, how I enjoy being a Humiliatrix!


Humiliation entertains Mistress Hunter.

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