Ask Ms. Nadia, "Is my penis too small?"
Of course you have! Just about every guy wonders “Is my penis too small” at some point in their lives, but if you are hanging around Humiliation Boot Camp not only do you wonder about it, you know that you deserve to be humiliated for it too. Having a penis that is too small isn’t the only thing you should be wondering though! Not only may it be too small, but it might also be too quick or too soft! I love all sorts of humiliation topics – but non-working dicks are probably my absolute favorite. The penis is so important to the male identity, I just love finding out what is wrong with yours and coming up with the appropriate humiliating punishment for having such an ineffectual dick!

Is My Penis Too Small?

If you are asking then yeah. It probably is. If you absolutely need verifiable *proof* for the question “Is my penis too small?” Then we can test it right now! Grab a roll of toilet paper. If your cock fits in the hole, you’re too thin. Pull out a dollar bill from your wallet. If your dick isn’t longer than the bill you are too fucking short. Not passing one of these two tests means you are too small. Not passing both of these tests means you are fucking tiny. You are simply not capable of giving a woman the toe curling, bed sheet grabbing, mind blowing, full body orgasm that a she can only get when a nice big cock gives her the delicious combination of G spot stimulation and clitoral stimulation together. Size does matter after all. I have always been a firm believer in that since little dicks can’t give orgasms, they shouldn’t be allowed to experience orgasms. Tiny dicks belong in chastity. Locked away where they will never see the light of day again. Of course, “Is my penis too small” is just the tip of the cock humiliation iceberg.

Do I Cum Too Quick?

The shrimp dicks get a little sympathy, I mean they can’t help they got the genetic short end (Pun intended). The E.D guys might have actual medical or age related issues… Being too quick though? That one is ALL ON YOU. Premature ejaculation is the one thing on this list that you actually have some control over. The one thing that just about every loser could change. There is just no excuse for being a two pump chump. Do you know what I like to do with minute men? I like to edge them. Again and again and again. I make them stroke just to the brink of orgasm, then I make them stop. I make them get their hand off their dicks and wait until the urge fades. Then I make them do it again. It takes less than a minute with these bozos. I’ll play with them for hours, making them edge hundreds of times. After that? After that I deny them and leave them completely blue balled.

Is My Penis Too Soft?

You can have the biggest cock on the block, but if you can’t get it up you might as well be humiliated right along the too small penis camp! Limp noodles are absolutely pathetic. You try and try and you just can’t get any wind in your sails. You look down at that worthless floppy dick that has betrayed you. No matter how horny you are, it just won’t get hard. You can barely do any hand humping with the rubber snake, let alone actually penetrate a partner. I mean, you’re not really a man at this point are you? We might as well get a big black trash bag and collect all of your boxers and briefs. We’ll replace them with panties. Soft, silky little panties to caress your soft, floppy peen. We’ll toss the trash bag of your men’s underwear into the dumpster, because it is panties for life for you weeping willie.

See? There’s a more to worry about than just “Is My Penis Too Small?”! Your penis might be too small, but it also might be too quick or too soft! If you are a truly unfortunate one, you might just hit the trifecta and be too small, too quick, and too soft!


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