Erotic humiliation

Let’s talk about Erotic Humiliation

What is erotic humiliation, why are people aroused by humiliation, and some ways to humiliate is an introductory look at erotic humiliation. Erotic humiliation for our purposes is an activity which elicits sexual arousal for the recipient most assuredly, and often the humiliatrix. The humiliation we will be discussing today is not to be confused with a Sexual masochism disorder. This disorder is best left to the professionals. Not only will I discuss some types of humiliation, how to apply them, but the sexy little audio I’ve included gives you several assignments for you to explore your humiliation response.

What is Erotic Humiliation?

Just as I mentioned above, it is humiliation where the focus is on your sexual response. That’s not to say the humiliation itself, is sexual in nature, it can be. But sometimes the humiliation doesn’t involve sex, sexual themes or activities such as in a BDSM scenario.

Even if the the humiliation being played with is not overtly sexual doesn’t mean what’s going on in your mind and pants (panties) isn’t screaming SEX For instance, having you stick your head in the urinal in the men’s bathroom, fully clothed and flushing it on your head has nothing to do with “SEX” or “Sexual Activities” but if you are ‘into this” kind of humiliation your mind and your penis will be OFF THE CHARTS horny and wanting more.

Conversely, BSDM scenes where the male sub is, naked except for his cock cage danging between his legs. Leached and collared on his knees licking the feet of all the women in the room can be very humiliating and arousing.

Why do People Like Erotic Humiliation?

Erotic humiliation is humiliation, but with a focus on sexuality and sexual response. Humiliation is a fascinating stimulus and one which is often misunderstood. There are two main theory’s regarding why people become aroused when humiliated. One is it is a learned behavior. A significant experience closely tied to your sexuality which links your sexual arousal and the humiliation stimuli.

An example: A first make out session with that pretty lady who finally agreed to go out with you, rounding third base and your less than adequate appendage is revealed. Her horror , disgust or humorous response connects your arousal and humiliation. This event is so impactful at some point thereafter you seek out same or similar to relive / recreate those feelings. That’s not to say everyone who experiences a humiliating sexual circumstance is going to desire erotic humiliation. Everyone processes their experiences in their own way.

The second theory is it is a form of escapism,much like donning a submissive role. With both theory’s, the pain of humiliation much like physical pain of BDSM set up a release of chemical hormones, in your body which propels you out of your own realm , helps ease the pain and in the process “make you feel better”, in the long run.

Okay, I’m Good at Insulting People. Can I be a Humiliatrix?

The answer is maybe. Humiliation is more than insulting folks. Although a clever mind is always beneficial and a good “roaster” needs more. After all, the person being humiliated has to subscribe to what you are saying. It has to pertain to their specific stimuli. Meaning “it humiliates them”.

I guarantee you if you just randomly called me a nasty ass stanky ho, you’d more likely be met with laughter than me experiencing being humiliated. I know I’m not a stanky ass ho, and your suggestion is obviously joke.

Similar with telling me to “eat my cum” or “eat yours” I personally feel it’s an erotic intimacy between two people, not necessarily humiliating depending on the mood of couple involved. However if you were suggest I wiggle around like a “stank ass ho” and take the cum from ten rando strangers because you so decree and I must obey. That, I might find personally humiliating. So, you have to know your subject and what their hot buttons are. What one finds humiliating might just be a good damn time to another!

Types of Erotic Humiliation

Erotic Humiliation has several types.These types can have varying degree’s IE: sensual , harsh or degrading. Here are some common ones, and If you are into humiliation

small penis humiliation

Types of Humiliation

but don’t see “your type here” I would LOVE to hear from you!

Don’t forget the audio, I also give you some verbal examples of each, to give you a “taste” of them.

Verbal Humiliation,using my words to humiliate you based on your particulars, or having you repeat humiliating things. I can’t tell you the number of humiliation

aficionado’s who love to do this. Verbal humiliation can and often includes laughing.

Humiliating tasks, either privately between the two of us. CEI or a man eating his own cum is often seen as something humiliating. Having you twerk for me on cam, or eat out of a dog bowl. Humiliating tasks can include public humiliating tasks.

Public humiliation, with me, will never subject innocent bystanders. Safe, Sane and Consensual, always in all ways. However, buying condoms, a dildo and the biggest bottle of lube at the adult bookstore, and announcing it’s “Party time”, and similar types of tasks are definitely on the table.

Pain Play – Although it can be incorporated with many types of humiliation , pain play in and of itself can be humiliating. Binding, tying them up. Spanks, whips, floggers clamps. A favorite “punishment” for those with a high threshold is to kneel on dry beans or rice.

Coreced-bi which can include, or not include a male penis. Strapon or girl cock play is the bi-sexual element in the play. Fantasy and role plays abound every week about men being seduced into bi-sexual activities including cuckolding scenes.

I bring up the fantasy and role play to demonstrate, any and all humiliation can be “experienced real time” , me addressing YOU. Or it can be wrapped in a
sexy package of that fantasy or role play session.

Types of Erotic Humiliation with Ms. Erika

Pantie Humiliation

Feminization is one the most popular of the types of humiliation sessions I receive. From men confessing they are weak for panties, aka: Pantie boy’s to wearing them and all the way full feminine dress. Emasculating you and feminizing you can be verbal and /or task based. Often it’s both. It can also include coreced-bi.

But in the same token please understand that for some, being feminized is NOT humiliating and that subject is a good one to have on one of our Feminization sites.


How to Humiliate

Now for the tricky and best part. How to apply the humiliation. If you are playing with a partner who does enjoy humiliation they are best to explain to you, what arouses them.


If you are like many who enjoy humiliation, at some point you are going want to increase, or amp up your game. I say establish those habits, trust , explore and play,

Use your imagination, the most fun thing about humiliation is being creative. So if your partner enjoys sensual emasculation, teasing him into your panties, telling him how cute he is in them let your mind run wild. It might lead to a spontaneous “making him cream those panties”, or trying on your camisole, as part of your play.

Communicate. Talk about the good bad, enjoy the fact you have someone to explore and journey with. Talk hard boundaries, perhaps tying up is out of the question or bi-sexual elements.

After care– After you play with your partner at any level, always work in some down time. Pillow talk, snuggle time. Let them know how you feel, how proud of them you are. Let Help them feel whole again. Humiliation in any form is a stress to the body, the hormones and chemical cocktail bubbling up and being released can often leave the humiliated vulnerable, in subspace. It’s your duty to give them time, protect them and not to part until they are whole, and “back with us.

Humiliation Assignment from Mistress

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek into erotic humiliation and I look forward to your checking me out a bit more over at Intelligent Phone Fantasy. Click below to hear my sampling of the various verbal humiliations and a humiliating tasks with each of the genre’s I mentioned. IF these are too tame, then I know my panties are going to get wet when we talk, so check out my schedule page and find time where we can connect. You can tell me about your assignment and see how wet you can make me!

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