I can’t wait to hear your list… What verbally humiliates you the most?

Does it get you off when a woman verbally humiliates you?

Humiliation just covers so much, doesn’t it? For some of my pets, it’s all physical. A CFNM session, where they are naked and vulnerable before me and I’m dressed in a latex catsuit so they can’t see any of my skin – oh yes, it has a hood and a mask as well. Dressing up my coerced sissies in panties, bras and garters can be humiliating as well. But what I really want to know is what can a Mistress say to you that can have you hard and leaking pre-cum without that cock even being touched.

Your Assignment…

…is to make me a list. I want a list of every humiliating thing you think I could say to you. Is calling that bump between your legs a cocklet, and making fun of it do it for you? Is it calling you a slut, a whore, a useless cunt? Are you a sissy who wants to be told what a pretty girl you make and how all the guys are going to want to use that sexy mouth and tight ass of yours? Maybe you’re the type of sissy who just wants to be told how you’re never going to pass, how everyone is going to know you’re just a faggot cocksucker who has to dress up to make himself believe he isn’t gay.

A Fun Game

So make that list, and the next time you call, we’re going to have some fun. I think if you’re a real humiliation addict, then I can get you off just by talking to you, by telling you how worthless and what a pathetic slut you really are. No stroking, no touching that silly little nub. I want to see if you can cum just by being humiliated…

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