I love to watch you blush and squirm, especially when it’s in response to something deeply humiliating for you. There is just something so very fun about having you wriggle and moan for me, all turned on and yet trying to pretend that you’re not that into it. You and I both know that you love every single second of what I’m doing to you, and that if I gave you an ‘out’, you’d never take it! You want to be humiliated for your Mistress, and you need to feel the deep burn of shame, alongside that erotic rush. So go on, be totally humiliated for me!

What’s the last time you were deeply humiliated in public?

humiliation in public for Harper 800 601 7259I bet you can remember exactly what happened, and why, and how it made you feel. The best public humiliation scenarios always seem to arise so organically, out of the blue, don’t they? It’s hard to arrange something spicy enough to really humiliate yourself, without going out of your way to set up some elaborate humiliation scene. I do love a good spontaneous publicly embarrassed boner, but how can you get that itch, that need met, on demand? Don’t worry, I have some ideas.

The key to a really good humiliation erection is to leave room for spontaneity.

You’ve got to be open to the erotic potential in every moment, so that you can reach out and grab it when it arises. Sitting in a boring meeting? What would happen if you put your phone in your lap, and started to browse porn sites on it? Could you run the risk of getting caught like that? What would happen if you forgot to put your phone on silent… in the middle of a meeting, there you are, trying to distract yourself with some light porn, and oh no, now there’s moaning coming from your lap!

There are a lot of ways to get yourself humiliated in public, if you’re open to them.

Change the scenario up a bit: what about a coffee shop? If you spilled water on yourself in the bathroom, and then came back out looking like you’d tried to wrestle a fish in your lap… with an obvious boner showing in the huge wet spot… embarrassing enough for you? Oh, you need to ramp things up a bit. How about panties under your khakis, that show above your waist because you accidentally tucked your shirt into your undies?

Into being exposed as a small dicked looser?

What if I told you that you needed to work out more, so you should get some nice tight yoga pants and go take a hot yoga class? Would you feel secure enough in your cock size to flaunt what you clearly don’t have like that? Imagine the giggles, the stares, as you move into Downward Dog, and push your ass up high. I do love a man in yoga pants, there’s something so subversive about it! Show me your best Sun Salutation, and stretch those cute legs for me. And reveal your total lack of a bulge at the same time.

If you’re into some public humiliation, you should totally call me.

Actually, since you’re here, and clearly into it, I want you to listen to this audio and then do exactly as I tell you in it. Don’t worry, you can probably find a way to avoid the worst of the repercussions, honest! I think you’ll really get the most enjoyment out of doing exactly what I tell you to do, in exactly the way I tell you to do it, though. You do love to be humiliated in public, don’t you?

Your Humiliation Mistress, Harper

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