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Top Five Humiliation Boot Camp Musings

Everyone loves a trip down memory lane, right? Sometimes you need a reminder of just how good I am, at leading the willing down the path of humiliation phone sex. Reading some of my older humiliation boot camp posts gave me quite the giggle. Remember I told you I’m a sadistic Mistress, right? Well let this list of my top five humiliation femdom guides and assignments, reaffirm just how dangerous – and deliciously good, I am for you. So why don’t we review my top five humiliation boot camp posts, starting with my number five pick.

5 – Food Play Humiliation

It all started with food play humiliation. My very first humiliation post was titled Ice Cream And Polka Dots it was a sordid tale of a male chauvinist piglet, who ended up wearing a pair of polka dot panties and jerking off into a tub of ice cream. What I liked about this particular form of humiliation, was that not only did he have to wear panties, but he had to fuck a tub of ice cream, cum in it, because I knew he wouldn’t be able to control himself, and that’s not the best part. The best part is what he had to do afterward. I knew all his kinks, all his darkest desires, and used them to destroy him. Including having to recite several humiliating mantras while he humped the cold ice cream. You see, he wanted to fuck me, really really badly, and if you know me well enough by now, NOBODY fucks me…. unless their cock is bigger than 8 inches, and I’m in the mood to be fucked. Want to know what happened to Raymond? Click the link and read the story!

4 – The Making of a Sissy Slut

Why is cock sucking so humiliating to men? Partially it’s the arousing conflict. Oh, you’re straight, but having a penis in your mouth turns you on, but but does that make you gay? Why not turn the humiliation up a notch and make the coerced cock sucking public? That’s what my number four favorite blog post was about. I like to get creative with The Making Of A Sissy Slut as I do have a sissy humiliation kink. I gave one unwilling submissive the task of going to a very prestigiously named sissy conditioning center where we turn men into girlies. Think of it as Sissy Mart. This place was an active hang out for cock sucking cruisers, sissy sluts, and the cock curious. The sub got to be a coerced cock slut for the night, so, it went a step further than cock sucking. He ended up being converted in every way.. if you will.

3 – Cum Facial Instruction

Here’s a fantastic way to stay in shape: Stretching and doing yoga so that you can take it in the face for Miss Brighton. Nothing humbles you quite like shooting off in your own face. And yet, if you’re out of shape this can be a challenge, and that’s what prompted me to write Cum Facial Instruction for those interested in cum facials and cum eating. The goal? Stretching to get in top form for jerking off into your own face. If you don’t have someone to hold your legs over your head, this will give you some tips to DIY.

2 – Femdom Hard Limits

If you’re going to dive into humiliation and degradation, you have to work on two very important things. One of those things is communication, and the other is listening. I wrote Femdom Hard Limits because I wanted to stress how important it is to be safe, to listen to what your Mistress is telling you, and to be vocal about knowing what you want, and obviously what you do not. One of the first ways to figure out what you do want? You guessed it! Figure out what is simply NOT for you. Know your limits, and also, men are really dumb when they’re horny. So go through this post and remember, safety first, and THEN fun!

1 – Physical Humiliation

It was really tough picking a numero uno, but I ended up choosing the all encompassing Physical Humiliation – You Are A Stupid Fucking Loser as my favorite blog of all my HBC entries, because of the fact, that Triple B is mentioned in it. Triple B has been calling me since I joined LDW, and he’s a fucking idiot… but like… in the best fucking way! Triple B has done close to 150 phone sex calls with me, and will probably hit 200… maybe this year? No matter how much I humiliate him he thanks me and keeps coming back for more. He’s a great humiliation sub and enjoys being embarrassed and used by my fellow Mistresses. And then there’s churchmouse. The sluttiest slut bunny to have ever slutted. Not only is church mouse a heathen blasphemy loving whore, but he follows directions and does whatever he’s told. The blog was mainly about my favorite types of humiliation, which involve physical humiliation and BDSM slapstick. So if you want to know what type of Mistress I am, this is the very first one you should deep dive into.

Ready to Play with Mistress Brighton?

So now you’ve gotten all the nitty gritty of just how much of a wacky phone dominatrix I am. You know I like being entertained, and having subs sing for their supper. I have given you everything you need to make an informed decision on whether or not I’m the Mistress for you. Hmm.. still here eh? Then call me, dumbass! The number to dial is 1-800-601-6975 and you ask for Goddess Brighton. Because if you’re crazy enough to be led by the likes of me – the stark raving nutter of a Femdom, then you’re my kinda people.


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