physical humiliation

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And don’t you forget it. You are here for my entertainment, and outside of making me laugh until my sides hurt, and completing household chores, I have no other use for you. You will never get to fuck me, I might let you worship my body, starting with my dirty feet which you will use your tongue to clean. But let me make myself clear, loser. If you have any deranged fucking notions that your pathetic dicklet will ever get anywhere near my pussy, you’re in for a rude awakening. Emphasis on the rude.

Physical Humiliation

It’s no small wonder (laughs hysterically at the pun) that women take one look at you and laugh in your face. Why do you think I make you do such physically humiliating tasks? Like dancing and singing for me. Never mind the fact that you’re tone deaf and sound like a cross between a cat and a firetruck siren, your lame attempts at carrying a tune are very entertaining when I need a good belly laugh. I also love when you wear the cute rainbow colored tutu and jeweled butt plug and prance around for me while I crack my whip. If it weren’t for the fact that you look so ridiculous, I wouldn’t even be bothered with you.

Limitless Opportunities

Humiliation is multi-faceted, and there are endless ways I can make you squirm, and make an ass out of you. No I’m not just talking about small penis humiliation, or verbal, but those are fun favorites. It’s really not that hard after all. Especially the fact that you enjoy humility, even if you deny it, you love being laughed at! After all, that’s pretty much the only attention you’re going to get from a woman like me. I snap my fingers and you dance, prance and sing. On the last part, do make sure not to shatter all the windows and mirrors in the house with that yowling you call music, mouth breather, or you’ll be picking up the bill.



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