Inflatables for Humiliation

Inflatables deserve high honor on the humiliation to do list. When it comes to ass training, an inflatable cannot be beat. Just the other day I viewed a slut on cam with a black inflatable butt plug. After it was blown up to the max, the slut surprised me with a blow up doll. It was a cheap one purchased from a porn store with blond plastic hair and red lipstick. It was slightly upscale with butt and pussy holes.

Plastic Pussy

Time for a demonstration I demanded, and keep that inflated butt plug in place. Skype now has the option to snap humiliating pictures and has a gallery to save them in. In this instance the shots taken were shots of the most degenerate of pantied asses plowing a plastic mouth, ass, and pussy. I just love how the camera clicks to remind the slut he will receive a birds eye view of his performance, all in humiliating poses.

My favorite shot is a closeup of his occupied ass with the inflatable while his tiny little dick attempted to penetrate the rubber pussy. Not to mention the tacky sheer crotchless panties view. With sound on, my laughing and clapping, his grunts and moans, and the sound of plastic rubbing, made for a hugely entertaining session.

Cum Eating Finale

This is an over the top humiliation session especially at the end when he was ordered to eat his cum out of the already torn up mouth of the cheap blow up doll. He was ordered to buy a much better doll for next time and I told him to get a pink inflatable butt plug for next show.


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