Humiliation for the Cum Slut

I must say you look so good in white. Thick white opaque cum dripping down your chin that is. How did that get there, slut? Good boy. You followed your directions well. Now I get to see more evidence of this on your phone. A humiliation cum slut loves to be outed and shown to the world for what he really is; a cock sucking cum eating little faggy pants with a pretty pearl necklace. How many loads did you consume for me today slut? Ten you say? Well that simply is not enough. Let’s go visit the next glory hole. This time I take the videos.

Cum Sucking Right from the Source

This is not cum eating with food. This is straight up cum eating from the source. Humiliation food I call it. Your head held while more that one guy blasts in your mouth, face, hair, anywhere they like. It’s wonderfully creative to see the swirls and patterns of cum form on your fuck face and chest.

Adding to cum eating humiliation is orgasm denial. Why should you be allowed to cum when you are a sex object? Adding more is sucking a dominant cock who will likely slap your face with his dick and call you a slut. He will grab your ears and face fuck you till you gag. Complete object and cum receptacle. You are a whore.

Please Your Mistress

In the end, with all of that humiliation, you get plenty of protein to fortify your diet. So what’s to complain about? You received first class humiliation, cocks for your faggy mouth to suck off, a reputation of being an easy cum slut, and you pleased your Mistress.


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