The Ultimate Cuckold Humiliation: Cheating Wife

You’ve read the writing on the wall. Your wife has been hitting the gym more. Her panty wardrobe has gotten a major upgrade. There’s a new passcode on her phone. She has been pulling more overtime in at the office and has a sudden interest in the revival of “Girls Nights Out”. Your sex life has come to a screeching halt, but she has a new bounce in her step. She has just been so much happier lately.

You dug deeper. You confirmed it. Maybe she even confessed to you.

Your wife has been fucking another man behind your back.

So now what?

Accept Your Role

Well, the first thing you need to do is accept that this is all your fault. Your wife wouldn’t be cheating on you if you were able to satisfy her. She wouldn’t need to go out and bounce up and down on a big hard cock if you were a real man. Be honest with yourself here. Are you too small, too quick or too soft? Maybe you got a double whammy. Or even the trifecta. Regardless, your ineffectual dick is why your wife is cuckolding you.

Yes. Cuckolding.

Embrace Your Identity

You better get used to that word. Your wife has had a taste of what a satisfying sex life is. She isn’t going back to faking orgasms to stroke your ego.You will be lucky if she throws you a pity fuck at all. Fuck. You’d be lucky if she ever lets you touch that pathetic thing of yours again. You’d be better off locked in a chastity cage. That worthless prick of yours can’t give orgasms, so why should you get to enjoy one?

It really is better this way. Now your wife is finally getting sexually satisfied, and you do want her to be happy don’t you?

So take your wife’s cheating on you as the sign that it is. It is time to embrace your identity as a cuck.


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