You Need Masturbation Management

You obviously cannot handle any more punishment. You have been brave and shown much courage in accepting your punishment for male auto-erotic behaviors that have gone beyond the pale of any definition of reasonableness and decency. I have asked you this question numerous times and I will ask you again: Why can’t you keep your greedy hands off your penis? Somehow you always manage to stammer and come up with some excuse de jour that allows you to kick the can down the road.

But no more, my marathon masturbatory mope…

Humiliation Therapy

As a submissive man, you will now face humiliation therapy. Punishments were not enough to break your will and spirit so I will put the squeeze on you until you cry, you pussy. I need to make it clear to you that you are not even worthy of being in a woman’s presence. But here we are again. Somehow you always manage to manipulate the situation so that we are alone together.

I want you to admit that female supremacy is the best lifestyle a pathetic male like yourself can have. Lucky for you to have found a Mistress willing to become your owner. Not every sad-case male is so lucky. There are a lot of pathetic puppies at the pound hoping for a beautiful woman to come and rescue them, but most just remain ignored. You, on the other hand, have been taken under my wing and the gratitude you’ve shown me for my beneficence has been sadly lacking.

I truly believe a man has no higher purpose than serving a woman. So, don’t you even think of offending your Mistress because her wrath is frightening and painful. That is only just. I have done my best to train you and to engage well-accepted, evidence-based behavior modification techniques so you can learn to live a life free from the compulsion to masturbate all the time.

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