Chastity can lead to Small Penis HumiliationDid you know if your penis is locked away in chastity it will eventually begin to shrink?

One of my callers found out the hard way that this was one of the side effects of long term chastity. His girlfriend locked up his cock for just a few days at a time over a period of weeks. He played along, all the while not realizing what was happening.

When he finally broke up with her, his formerly VERY nice size penis had been shrunken down to less than 3 inches! He thought it would go back to the size it was before he began playing around with chastity, but it never did. By the time he began calling me, he had a new fetish: small penis humiliation!

He used to be proud of a very respectable cock size–he said girls had said he was the biggest they’d ever been with–and now all he had was a little nubbin that embarrassed him.

I had to laugh at his description of his cock now vs. his cock before his girlfriend began locking him up. She shaved a good 4 inches off his dick!

So be careful when your girlfriend or Mistress begins talking about how much she wants to lock your penis away! What you may consider fun and games today could have real consequences down the line.

But then again, isn’t that a fun way to sacrifice for your Mistress? Personally, if a man gave up his nice penis for me, I’d feel very honored indeed.

And just think: a shrunken cock is a lasting reminder of how much you love and honor your Mistress. Wouldn’t that make shrinking your cock in a chastity device all worth it?


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Call your Humiliation Mistress right now and submit to your degradation.

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