Setting Humiliation Scenes

Some of my favorite humiliation scenes are when I am able to use your significant other in our play. Beyond cuckolding, talking about your partner can be deliciously humiliating. You naughty boys who wear your wife’s panties and masturbate are hilarious. Just the act of opening your wife’s underwear drawer is pitiful enough, but to pick a pair… what, that you think are going to look pretty on you? Sexy?

Do you hear me snickering?

And then you slide them up your hairy ass and step in front of the full-length mirror, thinking you are a cutie pie. You are funny as hell, you know that?

But, after you’ve twirled in front of the mirror, watching as your cock gets bigger and bigger, poking out the top of the bikini panties, you grab the lotion from the counter and move onto your bed, your marriage bed. Instead of laying on your side, you purposefully stretch out on your wife’s side. What a fucking pervert you are! You, laying on HER side to masturbate… in HER underwear. Good lord, you have some crazy thoughts in your head.

Who are you trying to humiliate? You? Or your wife? Do you hear the twistedness in that? Sheesh.

You lay on her pillow, can smell her scent on it, and it drives you to know she will never know about your dirty deed while she is out shopping with the girls. Your hand stroking as you think about if she walked in on your right this moment, how humiliating that would be, but, it sure as fuck makes your dick hard, doesn’t it?

Then, where do you shoot your jizz? In her panties? Somewhere more perverted? What kind of person are you, anyway?


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