Ms Willow loves Food HumiliatioAs a dominant woman I have times when my objective is to treat you like the common dog that you are and ensure you remember your place. Being creative keeps things interesting, like a humiliating game of “would you rather,” where I give you two choices, it doesn’t matter which you choose, because you’ll be exposed as a bitch boi. In this instance I chose the hot dog water challenge. It’s a disgusting and degrading food humiliation challenge I created for submissives who need encouragement in the cum eating department.

Hot Dog Water Challenge Is All About Humiliation

You can replace hot dog water with any other food that would be humiliating to eat, like an industrial size jar of mayonnaise, or pickled pig’s feet. Something you would not enjoy consuming. And I ask you, which is worse? Eating your own cum, or being coerced to drink a nice warm pitcher of hot dog water? I chose hot dog water, because I had a sub that once told me after being given an assignment, “I’d rather drink hot dog water than eat my own cum.” So I made him drink hot dog water every day for a week. He was embarrassed, because not only did he have to drink it, he had to tell people that his Mistress made him drink hot dog water, because he was being punished for not eating his cum.

Food Used As A Humiliation Induction

I don’t just use food to degrade cum eaters. I use it in general humiliation as well. Getting inside someone’s mind and finding out their weak points makes it very easy to train, when you use tactics that catch them off guard. Ask the submissive sissy that I made wear a bra and panties stuffed with sardines to the store, under his clothing. When he returned I made him eat them. He cried. Would you like to be next for humiliation training with Duchess Willow? I am fairly easy to reach. Contact me through my cock control profile, or by calling 1-800-601-6975. See you soon.

Duchess Willow

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