Sometimes it’s Hard to get Hard

You have a little soggy noodle I see. The stress of performance has you in the doldrums. A date with a beautiful woman has you in terror and you look in the mirror with dread. Mistress has a few tests for this. Let us see exactly what your problem is.

First of all I want to try the sissy litmus test. Could it be you cannot get it hard unless you have panties on? Let me check that hard drive for sissy forums, shopping, sissy captions, and your Tumblr account. Of course I hold a pair of pink panties to your face and nothing.

Next I ask you about your former marriage. Did she cuckold you? Did the big black bull intimidate you with his big pecker? I pull up cuckold websites and give the noodle a yank…nope, nothing at all. must be a foot fetish. I give you some serious trample, push my perfect foot in your mouth, stroke you between my feet and produce an old copy of Leg Show. What a tragedy! You also told me that your doctor said there was nothing wrong with you. Maybe you need a new kind of doctor.

You’re a Limp Dick Loser

I think I figured it out. It’s strap on time. I don’t know one boy who cannot get hard with a big dildo up his ass rubbing on that prostate g-spot. Not one. But now there is one. At this point I give up an declare the limp dick loser pathetic, so pathetic he cannot be teased and denied. No jerk off instructions will he ever endure, no chastity training or tease games on the internet. His only use is humiliation. Poor boy!


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