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Go ahead and ask me why you would wax various parts of your body for me. How many reasons do you need? For one it’s fucking funny and I like laughing at you while you amuse me. Wax strip humiliation is a test of how far you would be willing to dive into the deep, for the ebony femdom. Remember that I am the same ebony femdom that wrote the hot dog water challenge, and I’m not shy about creating different ways to make you uncomfortable. If you’re devoted to me you are willing to do what you’re told. That means doing things that will keep our time together fresh, and keep me entertained. So let’s start with pain play, and get you some wax strips.

Wax Strip Humiliation

Since men are the weaker of our species and constantly need guidance and a firm hand, if I’m going to dominate you, I might as well make it worth my while. The sound of a warm wax strip being ripped off your flesh, along with your body hair, is a delightful place to start. Seems you white bois are hell bent on risk taking, and are willing to be led by an ebony femdom, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t at least a little curious about my style of diversity training. You’re also reading this, because wax play and pain play flip your lil white boi switch. This makes The Duchess happy, because it means I get to play with you and keep you smooth as hairless peach.

Pain Play with Wax Strips

Here is where my mind is going. Any area you wax will be smoother and more sensitive to the touch afterward. During, when you rip that wax strip off, you have the momentary sensation of having your hair viciously plucked from its follicles. So if you are a hairy motherfucker, and say, I were to make you strategically wax, and then slap you really hard on that exposed, bald flesh, you would have bald patches and welts to show for your efforts. And a reminder of how stupid and worthless you are, that I made you do it, and you complied.

Pain Play for a Pussy Ass Bitch Boi

If you need an excuse to remove your man fuzz, here it is. There is a scene from the 40 year old virgin, where Andy gets his chest waxed. That was one of the funniest scenes I ever watched. Maybe it was the sounds, the facial expressions, and the patches of bare skin left behind after his wax job that made it funny. I have been wanting to re-enact that scene for some time. So let me ask you this, what is the hairiest part of your body? Some men are not very hairy at all, while others look like bigfoot’s third cousin.

My Preference for a Well-Groomed Man

I do not mind hair on a man so much. If I can cornrow your back hair, and put barrettes in you pubic bush, we’re going to have to have a little chat. The hairier a man is, the more the contrast is going to stand out, if they have a lot of body fur. Where does this tie in for you? Well.. if you’re a submissive male, then I prefer you be waxed bare, and will send to the salon for a full body wax, just so I can watch the big reveal. Or, you can wax at home, with me on the line, while I laugh at you.

Wax Strip Humiliation Instruction

Would you like to please The Duchess and get rid of all that fluff? Of course you want to, so here is your homework. First go to your local store and buy 5 – 10 boxes of wax strips. I would suggest you get the ready to use, peel and wax, strips. The day of your waxing session, make sure you shower and exfoliate your skin from head to toe. Once clean, and ready to wax for me, call the Ebony Femdom. The number is 1-800-601-6975. Ask for Duchess Willow. We’re going to have a lot of fun together, you and I. Until then, stay blessed. Want more info on who I am? Read the Ebony Femdom FAQ on my blog.

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