I adore the humiliation of a man in women’s panties.

I know, it’s not terribly polite or feminist-positive to say that, but it’s the truth. Sometimes the things that get us the most turned on are the least socially acceptable. A man in women’s panties is a definite turn on for me, and it’s because there’s so much there to unpack! You’ve got the gender bender fun, which, hey, that’s always fun. And you’ve got all the fun and games of the expected stereotypes for what a man is supposed to be like, what a man is supposed to wear and say and how you’re supposed to act. It’s juicy, is what I’m saying.Harper loves a man in women's panties 800 356 6169

The first time I saw a man in women’s panties was in BDSM porn.

That’s right, I watch porn. The good stuff, too. You have to have a subscription and pay for that,  because the free junk on pornhub just won’t do. So anyway, I was watching this cute twink getting just worked over by this huge muscle bound adonis, and then there were these really cute pale blue women’s panties. First he got those panties rubbed on his face, and then he had to wear them. In that moment he changed from ‘cute twink’ to ‘humiliated man in women’s panties’. And lo, a fetish was born in my heart, and now I just adore everything about panty wearing men.

I had a guy tell me once, that a man in women’s panties was the ultimate humiliation.

You see, he explained, there’s nothing worse for a man than to have to wear women’s clothes. To make a man put on women’s panties is to strip him of everything that makes him manly, to reduce him down to almost nothing. (This is, of course, the part where my inner feminist got a little riled, because really? My clothes I wear every day are capable of ‘reducing a man’? But, like I said, sometimes our favorite kinks and fantasies are not very PC.) He very earnestly explained to me that a to be a man in women’s panties was the worst, most humiliating, most ego-destructive thing he could think of.

You know what? If being a man in women’s panties is so humiliating, then I think all men should have to wear panties.

Let’s go full on women supremacy here: all men need to experience the humiliation of pulling on a cute, satiny, soft pair of women’s panties. You need to know what it feels like to walk around all day long with those panties softly rubbing your pathetic cock, shifting inside your pants. You need to feel like everyone knows, that everyone can tell it’s your day this week to wear the panties. It’ll make you softer, kinder, more empathetic, more ~feminine~. It’ll be good for you. One day a week (starting out), you need to become what being a man in women’s panties will make you into. You need to be brought down and humiliated and reminded of what your real place in life is. Panty boy.

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Humiliation in Women's Panties

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