Why Do I Love Public Humiliation?

Why do you love carrot cake or chocolate ice cream with pecans on top? I could ask the same questions back to you. We like what we like and there is no reason to be ashamed of it. My husband, Gordon has a saying that people that are easily offended should be offended more often. I believe someone else said that as I’ve heard that saying before, though I’m not sure where it originated. Here’s the thing that people in the fetish community understand. We are normal looking people with intricate minds. We think what most people would consider to be unusual thoughts. When I am fantasizing I often imagine I am one of the mutants from the X men series. I don’t really consider myself to be your average mortal girl. That’s probably why I love public humiliation games so much.

When we Show our weirdness in public, we are coming out to the world.

How long do we walk around in our nice pants and button down shirts nice and pressed? How often do we hide what we really are. Think of the many books you’ve read. The bad guys are Always the most interesting aren’t they? Don’t you ponder what makes them tick or what pushed them over the edge? Well, I do all the time. I find that little releases of this helps keep it together the rest of the time. After all, we are what we are right?

So Here’s your Public Humiliation assignment:

Go to your local walmart or super Target and pick up a pillow, flavored condoms and a cucumber. It doesn’t matter if you are not gay. The point is to be embarrassed so no using any kind of shopping cart. You are to hold the items in your hands while you walk through the store. Find the longest line when you check out and don’t forget to tell the lady checking you out that you have a date tonight. If she questions you, just smile and say it’s technically a date for one but you picked her out yourself and smile gleefully.

Remember, the cucumber is of the She gender.

P.S) When you get home, light some candles, play some jazz, undress seductively and then cradle the cucumber in your arms. Lovingly slip the condom on her and suck her affectionately. (Remember we always use condoms on our girlfriends…) Then place the pillow between your legs while you continue to lick and suck your newest girlfriend. By the way, you get brownie points if you do this for either Myself or any of the LDW Mistresses on cam. I would LOVE to see it! Absolutely LOVE!!!

As a matter a fact, if you do this little thing for my entertainment on cam, I’ll give you ten minutes for FREE.

Just email Me at Simone@enchantrixempire.com and we will discuss an appointment time.

Have fun scaring the normals! Now, just don’t do it in a way that gets you put in jail. Keep it short and odd.



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