Cum on your Face, in your Mouth!Personally, I’m a fan of both cum on your face and in your mouth. I think they’re both humiliating!

When you’re sucking cock, where does your boyfriend like to shoot his load? Does he like to shoot it all over your face and mop his dick in it, smearing it all around? Would he rather feel you sucking his balls dry while he’s busting his nut in your mouth?

I would imagine my instructions to walk out of the dirty bookstore and drive home with jizz on your face is quite humiliating too, but I guess technically that would be a separate matter from actually getting the cum in the first place.

I know!!! Why don’t you stay at the adult bookstore until you manage to get a load of cum in your mouth and one load on your face? The perfect compromise!

You don’t even have to be a cock sucker to eat cum; you can certainly manufacture your own sticky puddle! (Although I’m certainly not going to argue with you if you want to deep throat a big piece of meat!)

If you’re going to eat your own cum, it’s not only humiliating to eat your ejaculate, but you can eat your precum too!

And NO EXCUSES if you “can’t” eat your own cum. Eat your precum while you’re excited, and wipe your jizz all over your face after you cum!

No matter how you do it, it’s ALL humiliating, and in the end, I win!

One thing you must understand about being my slave is that it is extremely difficult yet overwhelmingly rewarding. If you’ve never experienced a call with me, stop putting it off. Call or email me today and let’s make something special together! 800-356-6169 or Must be 18+ to play with me!

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