Time for You to be Humiliated

You spend a lot of time comparing yourself to others to judge your success in various endeavors. But your masturbation is very different as it is a topic men do not easily discuss with one another, if at all. How many loads can you bust out in an hour? How far can you shoot your wad? Fortunately for you, I am here and I could care less if you are a novice, intermediate or a master at masturbation…to me you are all the same…a male…need I say any more?

It’s time you are put in your place. Humiliation is needed and you will be teased about how you look and act like a girl in front of my girlfriends. When I throw my parties I like to have sissy men like yourself take on different roles to help ensure my gathering is a success. One sissy is in charge of mixing drinks while wearing over-sized breast forms, another two serve the finger food on silver trays while dressed in short skirts, stockings and heels and another keeps the dishes clean in the kitchen looking like Cinderella herself.

Your Little Dick is Our Entertainment

While in the presence of beautiful women I will have you step forward and will pull your pants down so all my gal pals can take a good look at you and have a hardy laugh while they sip their cocktails.. When I begin playing the song “Danny Boy” you will take out your tiny, little dick and start stroking it to the beat of the music. I expect your performance anxiety will make it difficult to get a full erection, but that will only make the scene more pathetic and thus more entertaining for my guests. Remember, being a good hostess is very important to me and I don’t want you screwing things up and embarrassing me.

To wrap this up…the defining moments of your life are happening right now. Why wait to become the jerk-off entertainer you always wanted to be? Call me and I will play the song so we can practice before the girls come over…and that’s an order not a request!


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