Miss Rachel, Public Humiliatrix! 1-800-356-6169So, two questions for you, humiliation bitch.

First, have you heard of the porn genre Free Use? It’s pretty much just like it sounds–a fuckslut like you, who has agreed that no matter what they are doing, their top can use their hole, anytime. The free use slut doesn’t even need to participate, and sometimes it’s more in keeping with the kink when they don’t. When they just sort of passively lie there while their ass or pussy (or mouth, I suppose) is used as a Fleshlight and cum dump. A bit of bondage can add another delightful twist, as if to say that someone else has the power to lend the holes to various and sundry.

Second, have you ever seen those social experiments-slash-art-installations, usually in a busy city center, where someone will be in a clear, Plexiglas cube, simply on display? Sometimes there’s a cube where they’ll put cute little pets of some sort, and just let people go in and play with them. Sometimes an artist will ensconce themselves in some kind of restrictive construction and invite strangers into their space somehow. There’s a classic one of those where a woman builds a box, open on one side, around her bare breasts, and invites passersby to cop a feel.

You’d be surprised how willingly random citizens participate, and how many. In the middle of a metropolis, even if it’s only a fraction of the population, that would be a hell of a lot!

Especially if I put you in the stocks on a thronging sidewalk, right around your midsection. And invite any and everyone to explore your asshole.

The free use slut setup, in My mind’s eye

I suppose now that I think about it, it would be less like traditional stocks, and more like the aforementioned box. Think of the old fashioned “saw the lady in half” gag that magicians used to do. You know how her head sticks out one end, and her feet the other? Well, there would just be one part of you sticking out: your legs and ass. I like the idea of you being anonymized and depersonalized, just a disembodied hole to be fucked.

Miss Rachel, Public Humiliatrix! 1-800-356-6169

Bondage heels look like those, by the way. Except that I think yours would be either pink or red. Whether you’re a sissy or not. And yours would lock on!

I can’t decide whether or not your feet would be planted on the ground, or whether you’d be in a pair of bondage heels, keeping you off balance, feminized, and further humiliated. Maybe the stand that supports the box would be just tall enough to keep you slightly suspended. I also can’t decided whether or not you’d be locked in chastity, or if your slutty cock or clitty would be left to dangle. I think some of you ass sluts might get hard, with all that use, and displaying what a bottomless pit slut you are, aroused by so much penetration, might be icing on the free use public humiliation cake!

Next to you, or rather, your ass, there’d be a small table with sanitary wipes, a box of latex gloves, a bowl of condoms, lube, and a few items for people to choose from if they didn’t have their own. Perhaps a step stool for more petite ladies with BIG strap-ons! *giggle*

Strap-on, cock, fingers, produce . . .

It doesn’t matter what, as long as it’s vaguely phallic, insert-able, and reasonably safe.. And you’d have no say. Just a captive slave for the pleasure and amusement of your Mistress, and anyone else!

There you’d be, or rather, there your ass would be (maybe there’d be a camera inside the box to record your facial expressions, for Me to enjoy later, or perhaps put online), available for the diversion of all! Such a public humiliation spectacle!

So, who of you out there will admit to being aroused by this idea of Mine? Put yourself in that scene, and share your reaction in the comments!

Of course, if you’d like to join Me in expanding on the possibilities and details of your free use fuck slut life, feel free to arrange for a session, and W/e’ll do just that!


Miss Rachel, Public Humiliatrix


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