Nothing could be more humiliating than a banana cream pie in your face? Wrong. Get your tux out and decorate your kitchen for a formal dinner. Best if you have a Mistress to cook an elaborate messy meal for, like Beef bourguignon. Lots of red wine sauce with big chunks of beef, and the soft cooked vegetables of choice.

Soup would be the proper appetizer. Cream of potato will do nicely. The desert of course just has to be a wet creamy custard with strawberry sauce. Creme Brulée just isn’t wet enough. Champagne fills the glass.

All Dressed Up…

The slave is dressed in a formal tuxedo and perfectly polished shoes. His hair is clean and styled. Mistress walks in wearing an easy to clean raincoat and water hiking shoes, and also wearing a great big grin. She eats the hearty dinner and drinks her champagne. Now boy is ordered to sit down.

And Ready for Sploshing!

The creamy potato soup tops his freshly washed and styled hair followed by the main course with a splash of champagne. He sits humiliated as Mistress ladles the dessert on his head and lap. Open your pants he is ordered.

He stands up for fashionable picture posing as he pours the rest of the soup over his head. Since his pants are down, and the soup has cooled off, he is ordered to jerk off with the soup and ordered to cum. This adds just enough seasoning to eat the rest. The taste of champagne, dessert, stew, soup, and cum make for a very humiliating splosh feast!


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