Your Humiliation Craving Will Never Go AwayYou probably think this humiliation thrill is a passing phase. I’m fine with allowing you to believe that while I indulge you and make you crave humiliation even more.

Once I get you stroking your cock and playing along with all of the fantasies, role plays, stories, and other flights of fancy we take together on the phone, I make sure to make it all sound so delicious it’s addictive.

So what’s your dirty little humiliation fetish secret? Have you always been insecure about your small penis? Do you steal and sniff women’s panties? Do you stuff things up your butt?

Whatever you do alone, in private, in secret, and never admit, the more you indulge your fetish, the more you will need it.

I find your predicament hilarious, which probably brings up another obsession: your desire for a woman like me to subjugate and humiliate you even more. My laughter deeply arouses you. It’s like the most satisfying elixir, and you feast upon it.

It’s time to expose yourself to me and tell me your secrets. Full disclosure: I’m not going to make you feel better about your shortcomings and weird thoughts and actions. I’m going to laugh at them–but just as I mentioned before, my laughter will make you feel amazing. Oh sure, it’ll sting at first, but in the end you’ll be happy I exposed you.

So no matter what your fetish–CFNM, tying stockings around your cock, fucking a pillow pet; confession stings for only a little while. Eventually you get turned on and we have a seriously wicked time!


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