sissy pageant

Join Mistress Brighton for the 2019 sissy pageant, and prepare to be humiliated! Are you ready for your sadistic sissy pageant training? 1-800-601-6975

Let’s face it, you were never a real man anyway, and now you can be rewarded for your lack of masculinity! The 2019 sissy pageant is a farewell to all things masculine, and honoring your girlyness.This year, the sissy pageant is virtual!

Sissy Pageant For Girly Boys Who Love Humiliation

There’s no need to hide your sissy faggotry any longer. The ladies of virtual Enchantrix Empire now have an opportunity for you to let your sissy flag fly and be the best little sissy bitch you can be. The date of the pageant is to be announced. Stay tuned for more details on the pageant, dates and times will be posted on Virtual World Phone Sex, and on Enchantrix Empire’s social group forum. This is the perfect time for you to dust off your frilly frocks, pink panties, and fur trimmed heels. And the best part is, there will be prizes for the most sissyful sissies in Sissyland! There are several categories you can participate in, and you can enter even if you’re not in the virtual world.

sissy pageant

Sissy Pageant Categories

Is your sissy clit tingling with the thought of being humiliated in front of the Mistresses and other sissies? Of course it is! You’re probably writhing in your pink panties reading this. So here are the categories:

Best Overall Sissy; Best Virtual Sissy; Best Sissy Voice; Best Sissy Cosplay; Best Sissy Lingerie; Best Cute Sissy; Best Sissy EveningGown or Ball Gown. We will break down each category over the course of the next few weeks, so that you can prepare for the category that speaks to you the most. The important thing to remember, is that if you are joining us in world for the virtual pageant, START NOW. Make an account here, download the software here, and get in and start practicing so that you are ready to strut, as opposed to waiting until the last minute and fumbling around not knowing what to do. Because if you wait til the last minute I’m going to laugh at you, and you will have the humiliation of being an ill prepared sissy, and also missing out on the pageant because you didn’t follow directions. Sucks to be you!

2019 Sissy Pageant

Humiliated Sissy Training

In addition to preparing for the sissy pageant, you can join Brighton’s sissy bootcamp from hell, by calling me at 1-800-601-6975 and you can also do a virtual session. I will be more than happy to show you the ropes during a paid session in world, and get you ready for showtime. Just be forewarned, that sissy training with me, is ALL about humiliation and amusing me. So gird your loins and I look forward to hearing from you, bitches! You can also contact either myself at or Harper, at


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