Princess Andi’s Perfect Pet…

Erotic humiliation is something I enjoy. Especially, when I get to play with the purrrrfect pet. I have the pleasure of such a sweet and shy sissy, and I like to call her my purrrfect pet. She really is. She has been a sissy for many years- and gets a real clitty boner when it comes to erotic humiliation. I had her go to her favorite pet store and buy a very cute and girlie pet bowl. She did a great job too! She bought a white bowl with pink lettering that said Princess with little pink crowns and little pink fish bones. So very cute. I also had her buy one of those scrunchy type collars in pink with a silver little bell attached. My sweet little pet had a butt plug that was jelly like in pink with glitter and I requested that she buy fuzzy pink handcuffs.

…Love Erotic Humiliation

Sammie did just that. She was able to get everything on the list so she could get on cam for me. What a delight! I would have Sammie pour milk in the bowl and place it near the table on the floor. I would have her lube up her pretty girlie pussy and slide that butt plug all the way in. I love having her wrap the pink scrunchie collar around her girlie bits and I would giggle when I could hear the bell jingle. Panties with lots of frills are a must so she can pull them up after the collar and butt plug are on. I would have her take one very pink and fuzzy handcuff to the leg of the table and cuff her one wrist to the leg of the table. That is when she would hear me say, “wanna drink some milk”? “Here you go” and I would have her purr and drink up all the milk from the bowl. She is the purrrfect pet and always on her best behavior! * Meow!* After I put her through the paces– I love sitting on her face and enjoy her tongue lapping my sweet pussy to orgasm.

I am Princess Andi and I want to know how are you into erotic humiliation?


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