Hello, humiliation sluts. One thing I love about people who get off on humiliation is their increasingly kinky needs for MORE! Humiliation is much like any addictive substance, over time you find you need more. More often, more perverse more more more! Today I’m going to tease you with what some feel as one of the ultimate humiliations: Being Ignored. Let’s take a look at why some think it’s the ultimate in humiliation.

Ignore humiliation

Ignore Humiliation
Are you ready?

Ignore Humiliation

Most humiliation calls we interact. I laugh, instruct and I push those humiliation boundaries. You are the humiliated submissive. With ignore humiliation calls you are “LESS than” an entity. You are an object to be used. You get to kneel patiently , as I go about my day. Whatever that would be. Training my dog. Making an erotic audio, or even writing a blog about ignore calls!

I have an ignore call lined up doing just that: Recording an audio of the ignore call! So make sure you check my blog at Intelligent Phone Fantasy for the Ignore Call Post. As an added bit of fun for us both, he’s going to be kneeling as I make my audio, and narrate small dick loser porn!

Why a Humiliated Submissive Would Like Ignore Humiliation Calls

Admittedly when you call, and I get to know you: I have my Humiliatrix Hat on. You see that side of me. Clever and sensual, humiliating you is a pleasure! If you’re an insolent bitch loser then my sensual nature turns dark, just like any great Humiliatrix I will make your rue your insolence. It’s so much better to behave, isn’t it …pet?


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