Humiliation to amuse yoru mistress

Humiliation to Amuse Your Mistress

Looking for some novel ways to engage in humiliation and amuse your Mistress? I thought I’d share some of my favorite kinds of sessions and ways my pets keep me giggling and grinning.

Ignore Calls: Actively Ignoring You

Book a session wherein your Femdom is actively ignoring you. She may choose to do whatever suits her fancy. I love to exercise, take a bubble bath, indulge in a latte, do my nails, or prepare myself for a date all while you listen in. These sorts of calls are a blast because I feel like the ultimate multitasking Mistress of power! Even daily, everyday occurrences become much more fun when I know you are listening in and just grateful to get to be my silent companion. It’s like having an auditory audience to show off to. Sometimes I like to check up on you just to make sure you’re still at my beck and call and standing at attention.

Cock Tease and Humiliation

Even better, add in a little nudity into the mix. Having a subbie strip naked while they are feeling all needy and excited is such a fun and easy way to dominate them. Strip yourself down and let yourself feel exposed, embarrassed and vulnerable but remember, no touching yourself without Her express permission! If She’s still feeling like ignoring you, you may have to accept that that means “no” unless she says otherwise and grants you a response. That response may just be yes you can have an orgasm -but it may be a ruined orgasm only so always be careful what you wish for. Hearing you squeal and whimper as you ruin yourself always makes me grin and giggle. Don’t hold back now, let out all those moans and groans out.

Humiliation is like a Drug

Give yourself over completely to the chemical reactions of the BDSM energy exchange. Isn’t it interesting how inherently addictive humiliation seems to be? It gets your adrenaline pumping and give your Mistress the thrill of an effortless power exchange. It’s like you are fueling and feeding her with your fearful anticipation as to what she has in store for you next. It’s mutually exhilarating. You crave that cruelty, don’t you? Be sure to confess it in detail.

Humiliate you with a Smile

A little humor goes a long way into keep your Mistress amused. and even has a place in BDSM. There is humor in humiliation, especially since everything a subbie does while wanting to be teased can be hilarious. What might you do to make your Femdom crack up? Keep her interested, animated and engaged by singing for her, dancing on cam, writing her a poem or just doing whatever you can to make her dominate you with a smile on her lips.

Let Her Put Her feet Up

Be your Femdom’s human piece of furniture. Being a nice ottoman under her feet would be ideal. Cushion her toosties and let her lean her delicate and dainty feet on you while she goes about her day. Every little movement, as those cute little feet fidget will make your heart skip a beat.


Service Submission and Humiliation to Amuse Your Mistress

Feeling kinky and creative? After a particularly humiliating session, write about your experience and let your Mistress post it on her blog for some public humiliation! Imagine getting to relive that rush again and again when you see it in black and white printed on the web page. Won’t that be delish? Your Mistress will love showing off just deeply she owns you. It will serve Her well to know you are so willing to admit just how much you want her to subjugate you.

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