Public humiliation is a popular kink. It is also a kink that you must engage with extreme caution, as you must not subject innocents, to your kink fantasy. You have safe alternatives, and I’d be happy to share those with you, so that you can take pleasure from your humiliation femdom fantasies.

Public Humiliation Safety

The very first thing you must ensure, is that everyone around you is over the age of 18. Going to adult establishments, such as tanning salons, strip clubs, and massage parlors, is one way do that. Adult book stores where you can dress up, are another option. I understand the excitement of wanting to be seen by others, and commented on, laughed at, made fun of, for doing something as commanded by your Mistress, that will make your dick hard, being exposed and ridiculed.

3 Dimensional Public Humiliation

Virtual public humiliation has been discussed, as a much safer choice, for those who have high risk factors, that would otherwise prevent them from participating in an arousing public humiliation scene. In virtual humiliation settings, the areas are usually restricted to adults only, therefore you can have a much raunchier, public scene roleplay. Think cyber city setting, fucked on the sidewalk, by your Mistress and a few of her friends, while everyone watches. Or perhaps there is something more subtle you wish for. I would like to invite you to do a phone session with me, so we can discuss your humiliation fantasy, and act it out in detail over the phone. I can be reached at 1-800-601-6975 by asking for Willow. If you are willing and able to try virtual femdom sessions, you can find me in world, at Enchantrix Empire. Email me at if you have any further questions about spending some time with the ebony femdom. I look forward to your call.

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