Beg for Harper 800 356 6169The first time you got turned on by a woman, you were so embarrassed by it.

Do you remember it? How suddenly a part of your body was just so on edge, the energy thrumming through your skin, the deep need to do something, anything, to please her? I bet you remember it like it was yesterday. Oh wait. You got turned on like that yesterday too, didn’t you. Of course you did.

Once you experience lustful embarrassment, you can’t let it go.

It becomes ingrained in your sex life, this need to be humiliated. No matter what it is about the embarrassment, it’s always there. Small dick, fast cummer, little loads that dribble pathetically out of the end of your itsy bitsy cocklette… no matter what it is that humiliates you, the rush of being brought low will bring you back again and again.

For some especially pathetic specimens, humiliation becomes a way of life.

You’ll go out of your way to find that erotic humiliation. You’ll slip on panties and hope the panty line is visible through your pants. You’ll wear a chastity device and deliberately let it clink against hard surfaces. And you’ll get turned on, and hope it shows. You want her to look at you, for her eyes to drop down your front, for that little smile that means she saw your pathetic hardon.

And darling, you do know that there are some women who like to laugh at losers like you, don’t you?

I know I do. I like to see you as hard as you can get, panting like a weak dog for me, begging to sniff my panties, and creaming in your pants. C’mon, show me how pathetic you are, I need a good laugh!

xoxo, Harper




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