So you’ve got a hot date for Valentine’s Day? I know you’ve been lusting over your potential love interest for weeks… and you’re hoping you’ll get lucky if you make the night a romantic one. Aw, isn’t that cute? You’re trying to act
like a real man… and while she might not see through you, I do. I
know what you do when no one’s looking. I know the deviant fantasies
your perverted mind creates. So with that in mind, I’m thinking your
big debut as a real man, well… it needs to be nipped in the bud.
Why should you be allowed to fool some poor, unsuspecting woman?
Leave it to your Mistress to make the conclusion of your night
humiliating if you do manage to “get lucky”.

I want you to prepare yourself carefully… with a few additions to your normal grooming.  First, you’ll be shaving a cute little heart in your pubes… then shaving the rest bare. I want you bald as a billiard ball down there!
Next, you’ll slide in that butt plug you love so much… why should
your ass be empty merely because you’re on a big date? And last? Take
a red Sharpie and draw little hearts all over your peen. Get it nice
and hard beforehand so your artwork isn’t too droopy. Oh… and extra
credit if you write my name on it, too.

Now go out on your date…  wine her, dine her… but think twice before you go the whole “69 her” route. Think for a moment? What will this lovely lady think of you plugged and decorated? Do you really think she’ll spread her legs for a freak like you? He he, looks like it’s a chaste kiss at her doorway while you reluctantly decline her invitation for a nightcap.   I won’t lie and say I’m sorry that you’re going home alone…

But will I give you the relief you seek after a night of tease and denial and self
humiliation? Click the link below to find out if I’ve been a merciful
Mistress or stayed true to form… a taunting bitch who’s laughing at
your pain and arousal…