All your dreaming about the perfect date with me was about to be brought to fulfillment. And ruin. You had no idea I was about to subject you to the ultimate cuckold humiliation.

The day FINALLY came! You have been after me for weeks—months even. As a matter of fact you couldn’t remember a time you WEREN’T trying to go out on a date with me. You had done everything, you had been that hopeless romantic…done all you could for the girl of your dreams. I FINALLY said ‘Yes’ and you are now going on a date. Lucky You. You KNEW that dating my best friend would make some jealousy in me. As soon as I asked YOU out you dropped my best friend like a bad habit, and tonight is date night—You were going to take me to some art exhibit you knew nothing about but you didn’t mind that I made all the reservations.

Date Night!

So you arrived at my house eagerly, and about 15 minutes earlier that you were expected. So I invited you in to sit on the couch while I finish getting ready. It was slightly awkward because my best friend and I are roommates and she was there. But she was oddly not uncomfortable and was in a very, VERY good mood. Smiling nearly the whole time while you there waiting for me to get ready.

A few moments later I come walking down the hall wearing a gold sparkling dress with a pair of 6 in heels to match my dress. It’s very form fitting, you see every curve in my body. I look AMAZING.

Then..A knock at the door.

A Surprise Guest

I make you answer it and in walks YOUR best friend. You think that we must be going on a double date. Not what you were hoping but—you still get to go out with me so nothing is going to bring you down.

You ask me if I’m ready and I reply with yes. And have you sit on the couch. You ask what is going on…and my best friend and I look at each other and smile.

Cuckold Humiliation

See little cock stroker I know how much you’ve longed for me…did you REALLY think I’d go out with someone like YOU after saying no, time and time again? ESPECIALLY after you dated my best friend?

That was possibly your WORST mistake because she told me of your um…shortcomings. I have no intention of dating a zero with a little dick. I have much MUCH higher standards than that. So—Tonight we’re going out…But you are NOT my date.

We are going to that art exhibit…the ONLY reason you are coming is because you ARE the exhibit. We took the pictures and videos my girlfriend took of you during those horrendous sexual meetings you two had. Wanna know a secret? She never came.

You best friend is coming because my best friend and I are going to share him. I know FIRST HAND that he has a beautiful large cock. Only real men get women like me—and he’s getting TWO of us tonight.

So first your humiliating experience at the art show, then we’ll come back here for some fun—all you get to do is watch, because cuckold humiliation is the only thing you’re good for.

Maybe next time you’ll think about it before using my best friend to get at me—or get it through your head that I will not date little dicked losers—the ONLY think YOU are good for is MY entertainment from YOUR humiliation.

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