Mmm, hello pet, do find that you really enjoy small penis humiliation? I’m hoping so because I am definitely in the mood to humiliate some teeny weenies today!

The great thing about me being a hot t-girl Princess is that I’m in a unique position when it comes to SPH. Most Mistresses would either have you compare your penis to that of their bull or to their strap ons. But me, I can have you compare it to mine! And then, I can make fun of you for having a smaller penis than a girl. 😉

I Love Humiliation Calls

Honestly, I really enjoy most types of humiliation calls in general. It’s a lot of fun to poke fun at you for not measuring up, in whatever way you’re deficient. But small penis humiliation is extra fun because I get to bring my own Princess cock into the equation.

I’ll be entirely honest with you. I occasionally let men who are bigger than me fuck me. But I am very picky and quite the size queen, to boot, so it doesn’t happen that often. Much more often is me fucking little losers like yourself who have itty-bitty shrimp dicks between their legs and showing you what a real cock feels like. Now, that, I really enjoy. It’s a lot of fun, teaching you what it means to really get fucked!

Of course, if you have a little one, I’ll be making jokes at its expense while I pound you into oblivion, too. Why wouldn’t I, after all? Like I said, I’m a size queen. If you can’t provide for me in that way, you might as well brace yourself for the incoming small penis humiliation!

SPH Is What You Need

I am full of jokes at your expense, but I’m not overly cruel. I more enjoy the sensual humiliation, the kind that makes you blush now.. and later. I like poking good-hearted fun at small cocks, but I’m not going to verbally eviscerate you or anything like that. I just enjoy being well-endowed myself and giggling at those of you who don’t measure up to me. And if you can’t at least match me, you certainly can’t fuck me! That’s just the way it is.

But I am sure that you already knew that, didn’t you? You didn’t come here with false hopes of sticking your little thing inside me. You knew you weren’t worthy of that. Instead, you came here because you knew that no one knows how to humiliate a small penis quite like this Princess does. So you came with the full expectation of being laughed at and made fun of. You were hoping for it, actually.

So lucky for you, I’m a nice Princess, and I’ll give you what you’re seeking. You need small penis humiliation; you’ll get it. You’ll get the joy of receiving, and I’ll get the joy of dishing it out. It works out perfectly, really!

Small Penis Humiliation With You

So if know your small penis deserves SPH, you should definitely give me a call. I love to humiliate the tiny ones. And besides, they say laughter is the best medicine. If I could quantify all the laughs I get from you little-dicked losers, I’d never have to go to the doctor again! For any reason!

If you’re craving that small penis humiliation that only I can provide, I would be so happy to help you out. Simply give me, Princess Bethany, a ring to be put in your place by a pretty girl with a big dick. I can’t wait to hear from you!


small penis humilition with t-girl Bethany

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