Small Penis Humiliation Domination

I suppose you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t like a regular dose of humiliation domination, now would you ?  One of My favorite ways to humiliate a man is to hit him where it hurts; right below the belt. When you look down at that tiny little nub there isn’t any denying that you don’t quite measure up. If that wasn’t enough, you’re also a quick squirt, aren’t you? Little dicked guys always finish first, don’t they *giggle*? But this isn’t something you should be proud of at all. Nature dealt you a rather small, itty bitty hand, didn’t She? Well perhaps She knew that whatever genetics you’re carrying around aren’t worth spreading otherwise you’d have a bigger dick and more stamina, wouldn’t you? Two pump chumps and minute men need not apply *giggle*. If you’re an intelligent tiny dicked loser you’ve managed to fetishize your little pre-dick-ament and relish in the humiliation. I absolutely love demoralizing guys with small dicks. I know you can’t help it peewee, you were born that way. That’s partially why I enjoy humiliating you about it because it is so completely and utterly unfair.

Small Dicks Not at all dicks

I knew this guy Brad who had a reputation for being small. One of My besties had a few dates with him before she found out about the itty bitty let down. Brad had it going on everywhere else except where it counted *giggles*. He was actually rather cute and successful which made the discovery of his four inch micro mini rather disappointing. My friend, Tasha, was so pissed that he wasted her time. I mean, like seriously, he had to know he wasn’t going to be able to satisfy her with that little dicklet. I felt like Brad needed to be taught his proper place in the hierarchy with some humiliation domination; he was a born bitch. The most he could dream about is to be able to serve a Woman as a submissive….that would be the best use of his potential.

Little Dicked Losers Demise

We were having a Halloween party and I decided to invite Brad because I had plans for him >:). Me and Tara had it all figured out. We would invite him over, get him drunk and reveal the small candy corn he was harboring in his boxer briefs. No more false advertising for Bradley hahaha! Besides, I think it is just not right that he tries to pass himself off as a guy who is even average. Bradley arrived dressed in a full pirate costume. I think he was trying to imitate Jack Sparrow or something. A few hours into the party and several, jello shots, prairie fires, and snake bites later, our little sparrow was trashed. I decided to start dancing with him while My friend Tara would be the one to make the great reveal.

Brad was sloppy drunk. The music was loud and he was trying really hard to hit on Me. I led him into the middle of the party and the music slowed down. I put My arms around him and motioned Tara to come over. I had one of My sorority friends put a spotlight on us as Tara pulled down our little sparrows pirate breeches and boxer briefs. There was Bradley’s little tiny candy corn all shriveled up. It literally looked like there was a screw hole where his dick was supposed to be!! Everyone started laughing hysterically. Bradley was disoriented and tried desperately to pull his pants up, but Tara wouldn’t let him. I took pictures and teased him ruthlessly about his stubblesome dicklet. Poor, poor Bradley got pantsed and good dose of humiliation domination in front of everyone at the party. I sometimes still see him at the Mall or out and never hesitate to wave My pinky at him and laugh. Little dicked losers may often cum first, but always finish last.

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