For a humiliation looser like you, there’s very little that’s more deeply humiliating than being made to sniff my stinky feet!  I bet even the thought of kneeling down and pressing your nose between my toes to take a good deep inhale has got your worthless little dick jumping. My mocking laughter as you blush bright red, and the pungent stink of foot funk climbing up your nose combine to produce the most amazing humiliation boner. Even if you didn’t love smelly feet before, from now on you’ll crave the scent of my sweaty gym socks. If you didn’t have a smelly feet foot fetish before you will now, looser!

A humiliation slut craves whatever it is that makes him blush and squirm.

You want to be a foot slave, and get cockteased by Harper 800 601 7259Some strokers find certain scents appealing. Underarms, stinky feet, and buttholes all feature prominently in the scent seeker’s catalog, but honestly stinky feet can be the most fun for a humiliation game. Of course you want to lick and eat out my ass, and underarms are embarrassing but pretty tame when it comes to what’s most likely to make you feel like a (pardon the pun) heel. In order to properly sniff my stinky feet you have to kneel. That position, on your knees, is automatically humiliating and lowering. And to then further lower yourself so you can press your nose to my feet? Delicious. You know, of course, that I have no intention at all of lifting my feet up to make this easier on you. So all the way down, to the ground, and sniff deep.

Ever had a humiliation boner?

Of course you have, that’s why you’re on this site reading these blogs! The sharp shame of doing something so embarrassing makes your cock stiffen and drip pre-cum. You know that sniffing dirty feet is something utterly bizarre and weird, and that it’s something you should keep secret and not share with your loved ones. Can you imagine how your partner would look at you if you asked to sniff their socks? That quizzical eyebrow lift, the baffled “what?”, and the way they’d laugh a little at first, not understanding that you were absolutely serious. You might not be able to ask for your wife or girlfriend’s sweaty gym socks in reality, but you can indulge your dirty secret through a fantasy roleplay with me!

Welcome to your new smelly feet foot fetish!

When a humiliation junkie calls me, even if they’re maybe not that into smelly feet or sweaty socks, if they really want the extra humiliation I put them on their knees and have them kiss my feet. I figure it’s just a nice little bonus if my feet are a little stinky! So what if I went to the gym, and now you get to smell my well worn running shoes? You’re welcome, you should thank me for allowing you to bask in the smell of my exertion. If you’re really lucky I’ll toss my smelly socks in your face and let you jerk off while you huff that stank directly into your mouth and nose! Many a stinky foot fetish has been born in the strokers kneeling at my feet and desperately jerking off to my shoes.

Got a hankering for stinky feet?

Don’t worry, your love of intense smells and stinks isn’t all that odd, all the humiliation teasing aside. Lots of folks like feet, and there’s a substantial chunk of people who love a good funky smell. You can always reach out to us about indulging your weird desires and humiliating fantasies, and if they include smelly toes, that’s just extra fun for us! Kneel, and sniff my toes, and rest assured that I only think you’re a totally normal amount of weird.

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Your Stinky Feet Foot Fetish Mistress, Harper

Harper wishes you a happy Pride Month!