Welcome to humiliation boot camp! Have you ever wondered about the fun ways Mistress Will Humiliate you?  That seems daunting, doesn’t it? Could you imagine a more transformative and immersive experience than a humiliation boot camp?  First, setting the scene for your boot camp experience, then we’ll look at a few other ways Mistress will humiliate you. Some of these ways are pure fantasy, other ways are very real. This is your challenge today, pet. Comment below and tell us which you think is fantasy, and which is very real.

Humiliation Boot Camp

Your heart thudded hard in your chest, you finally went through with it. You signed up for humiliation Boot Camp. You knock on her door and wait on pins and needles, it seems to take her forever to answer the door. You stare at the pattern of the stained glass insert on the door. You wonder if it was always there in this 100-year-old+ house or if the Mistress of the house put it there. You recognize the theater,  tragedy, and comedy masks that were built into the design of this stained glass. The stained glass pattern seemed to mock you.

Just as you were about to decide to turn and leave or knock again, the creaky door opens.

Your Humiliation Goddess

The Goddess who answers the door takes your breath away. From her impeccable makeup to her form-hugging attire. She said no words, but her eyes, her lips, and her face communicated volumes. You froze in her gaze. The cool confidence in her smirk, and that glimmer in her eyes as she dramatically looks you over as you stood awkwardly feeling a deep tremble deep inside.
Lifting her lovely hand made a twirling gesture with her fingers, and just like a puppet on a string, you turn. You feel her judging eyes wash over your body. Fuck, she’s good! She already has you hanging from her chain, and you are not even in the door.

Your thoughts race, and your brain spins with a thousand thoughts. She snaps you back to the present with a firm:  “I guess you’ll do, come in” she steps aside and with a long sweep of her arm invites you through the threshold. Barely one step through the door, she breezily turns and sashays through the foyer and with a firm snap in her voice as she directs you:

“Follow me”.

For the next few hours, your head is spinning, as your mind is fucked with and your cock is edged and teased. Sometimes she’d give you a break and put a pack of ice on your groin. Then begin the torment again. She laughed when you begged. Pouted when you wouldn’t produce those tears. “what did I say, if you came over here? That’s right, I told you to come over with one condition, I wanted to drink your tears! So, you are here and I want those tears!

One Fun Way Mistress Will Humiliate You

CFNM. Clothed Female Naked Male. You are ordered to strip, now. She stands with her arms folded under her bust, with that glaring smirk again, a leather crop dangled from her fingertips, you quickly disrobe, tossing your clothes on a nearby chair.  You feel her eyes devouring your naked form. Silly one, you even tried to fold your hands in front of your trembling cock. This was met with a swift sting of her crop on the back of your hand. “you will not cover or touch my property, you will keep your hands at your sides, or folded behind your back as I instruct.” Your cock twitched and bounced much to her delight, as she eyed your dick dance and said “Yea, thought so”.

But You Are Not Done, Rather She’s Not Done With You

Naked splayed out on a soft mat she orders you into various submissive poses. In each pose, she circles around you, giggling or commenting as she saw fit. Sometimes you feel the scratch of her lovely painted nails, other times the firm tap ofhumiliation boot camp fun ways mistress can humiliate you 18+ adult only (800) 601- 6975 her crop. You know she’s judging, calculating her next move, and absolutely loving every moment of her control.

She finally decides to make you her stool and sits her firm warm ass on your hips. Wiggling into a comfy spot then crossing her legs, placing all her weight on you.  Was it ten minutes, or twenty? Doesn’t matter,  just as your body trembles a bit under her weight, her fingers trail down between your ass cheeks as she firmly grasps those balls, squeezing and pulling them back. “That’s right lean into the pain pet, it will save you in the long run, you feel her nails dig in, Yesss…….nothing like a bit of CBT to put a pet in their place, humm?

Just as you feel that your entire body will collapse she stands, releasing those sore balls in the process. So grateful to her for releasing her weight on your body, she orders you to thank her for her mercy. You do, immediately and with your entire soul.

Mistress Continues Her Humiliation

Slowly walking over to a tall chest, and opening a drawer “Now that you have  proven to be an adequate piece of furniture, let’s see if you qualify to be any other kind of submissive for me.” Out comes a thick black leather collar, she has you kneeling toes together, knees splayed wide, hands on thighs, head bowed. Bending over, her ample cleavage in full view, she wraps the collar firmly around your neck, and with a sharp snap attaches her leash.

“Heel” and she walks swiftly to the other side of the room, your testosterone-addled brain doesn’t catch on, but slow to respond she yanks that chain, pulling you forward, and snaps again “Heel!”. You Heel.

With her giggles echoing in your ears a few quick commands “Sit” you sit, “DOWN” you crouch, then “BEG”. You look at her with pleading eyes. Her crop raises to your head and guides you to her feet. You understand, and you beg to serve her. Your mind reels with arousal and humiliation, the realization of how you are being treated only peeks in from time to time. Often with images of your subordinates “finding out” or friends finding out. Imagine their reaction.

So Many More Ways

There are so many ways to humiliate you. From humiliating tasks to denying your orgasm, turning your brain into mush through gooning. Preparing and pounding that ass with a strap-on. I want to hear from you, would you be brave enough to sign up for a  humiliation Bootcamp? From sensual humiliation to strict and unyielding let’s schedule your introduction my humiliation BootCamp today.

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