Miss Rachel, Festive Humiliatrix! 1-800-356-6169I happened to Google whether or not there were any national or international holidays today (May 8), and found that there wasn’t really anything fun to celebrate! Lots of birthdays and death days of notable people, lots of anniversaries of war battles. So I created my own holiday! Truthful Tee Shirt Day!

All those other holidays are so boring, right?

And if there’s anything that’s the bane of the existence of the humiliation slave, it’s “boring”. That’s why I love to own you so much! You depend on We Femdommes to keep your lives interesting!

I’ve decided, therefore, for your entertainment and Mine (mostly Mine) to create a holiday. It’ll be reoccurring every month on the 8th, since by the time this post is published, May 8 will have passed.

But it also means that you should have plenty of time to prepare!

I’m calling it Truthful Tee Shirt Day!

Tell the truth to the world about your kinky tastes!

On Truthful Tee Shirt Day, you will have acquired and will wear a tee shirt that to some degree reveals your kink to the world at large.

The design can be small (a small image above the hem in back of a man sucking on a woman’s toe, forMiss Rachel, Festive Humiliatrix! 1-800-356-6169 example) or large (big block letters on the front that declare your love for big black cock), depending on how much of a coward you are. *snort*

Likewise, you could either wear the tee shirt as a stand-alone (it’s getting pretty warm outside–you might have to), or underneath something else. Hell, I think it would be fun just to see you celebrating Truthful Tee Shirt Day on webcam during a Skype session!

But to truly participate in the spirit of the holiday, you’d have to wear it in public. *wink*

Let’s fantasize together, shall W/e, about the possibilities?

And tell Me, if I were to mock up some tee shirts with embarrassing confessions on them, would you buy one?

More importantly, whether for your Mistress in session or in public, would you wear it?

I’m getting aroused thinking about the things that could happen to a humiliation pet as a result of fully celebrating Truthful Tee Shirt day.

Enjoy the little audio below, where I share some further ideas for tee shirts, and what in My happiest fantasies I imagine would happen to the wearer!


Miss Rachel, Festive Humiliatrix


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