What is a Cuck?

It’s a word that’s getting a lot more play nowadays, with an emboldened surge from the conservative end of the internet. “Cuck” is being used as an insult! It’s a word meant to indicate a weak, pathetic, worthless male, a cuckold who can’t attract or please a woman, and who is so powerless he can be denigrated and ignored at will. It must be terribly humiliating to realize that what so many people see as weak and worthless and pathetic is exactly what you are.

what is a cuck 800 356 6169While ‘cuck’ is being used as a political dog whistle, it does stand on it’s own merits (or lack thereof.)

Everyone knows a cuck when they see one.  He is a weak kneed beta male, a pathetic and limp wristed cock sucker, good only for serving real men and powerful women.  He is so weak that literally any woman could control him. The meek, mild mannered librarian behind the desk, the hardworking woman at the checkout lane in the grocery, the retiree down the street and even an inexperienced college co-ed! All these women are stronger than the cuck.

When you’re a cuck, you know it.

You see a woman and your pathetic little dick reacts. She speaks to you and you damn near drool on yourself in lust. The sound of high heels turns you on, and thinking of putting on her panties makes you jizz your pants. Never fear, little cuckold, the time is coming when you will be put in your place permanently. Did you think the social changes would pass you by? Alpha males on top, women, and then the weak and pathetic cuck on the bottom, desperately serving his betters. It’s a brave new world, and there’s a place for you.


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