Create Memories of Humiliation You’ll See Every Day!

Humiliation slaves, I like to have you transform some everyday objects into constant reminders for yourselves of your status as pathetic tools for the amusement of a Mistress who enjoys your degradation. I want My derisiveRachel has a humiliation assignment that requires your toothbrush! laughter to ring in your ears, even when we’re not in session! I often suggest such humiliating tasks to boys like you, and I’ve been told that it does wonders for having Me ever present and leaving you feeling put in your place simply by going about your daily business. Wondering what I mean?  First, there are two things I’ll want you to collect for a humiliation assignment: lube and a toothbrush!

Now, you know that the last thing I like to hear from a humiliation slave is “no”, so listening to the audio itself is consent that you’re going to follow through with instructions.  If you don’t, you’re going to need to confess that to Me, and absorb the punishment you deserve.  On the other hand, if this game for imprinting your degradation on an everyday item puts you in a kind of peril that isn’t fun, you have My permission not to follow through.  Any other refusal is a punishable offense.

Now then:  You will need your toothbrush, and either some lotion or oil or lube.  You’ll also need some privacy, but you ought to know that by now.  You perverted stroker boys are probably geniuses at finding the time and place to indulge, so I’ll trust that you can do that now.

And if this humiliation assignment has left you feeling utterly shamefaced, please do get in touch and let Me know, either in the comments section here, or via E-mail, or in session, where I can deepen your degradation!

Listen, and obey!

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