I have so much fun tormenting you weeeeee little dick men! So much so, that I want to throw a CFNM party in your honor!! All of my girlfriends wearing their sexiest to insure that you stay hard all night. We may not be able to physically see your excitement, giggles, but we will KNOW your excitement in your humiliation!

Your Tiny Dick Our Entertainment

As my lady friends all gather in the main room, I walk you in on a leash. Completely naked and once they see you the echos from all the laughter bounce off the walls around you. Turning your face beat red, but creating quite the throbbing sensation in you dicklette. I parade you around the room for all to flick, poke, and make fun of your shortcomings. You know that useless piece of flesh will NEVER please a woman, so this will always be the absolute ONLY way you will ever get attention from such beautiful specimens, such as us. Let alone touching “it”. Or should I say touching your “nub”.

Time to Turn Up the SPH

To show you just what we think should happen to such a pathetic little man, I make you crawl up on a table in the middle of the room. We all gather around you and with sharpies we all start to write on your body. Breaking out the measuring tape, we measure and then write your size on your belly and make you pose for pictures! Giggles all around as you hear the texting , sending these pictures of your less than average cock,  to even more friends.

Little Dick Games

Then another fun game we enjoy humiliating your isty bisty dickie. Grabbing items and snapping pictures of the comparison game. Mini bic lighters, lip stick, finger nail clippers, paper clips, ect. Wow..you are one tiny little dicked loser , aren’t you?! This could go on all night. It just may happen too!

How do you think this will go? Make you stroke that button dick to watch you drip, hahaha! Or will we bring in a “real man”? I guess you’ll have to wonder for now, won’t you little man?

Your Erotic Phone Sex Mistress,



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