Humiliation by Mistress Roselyn 

Do you want to be humiliated? Even if you don’t want it. Do you need it? I think so, I think if you have a small, pathetic penis you deserve Small Penis Humiliation. There is nothing more a small man like you deserves than to be humiliated by a superior woman. Down deep inside you know you want to be humiliated for being worthless. What makes you worthless? Well, your small penis size of course *giggles* I love when men like you approach me and want my attention. It thrills me to cut you down to size..(so to speak). I like making you feel pathetic and worthless. I get excited knowing that you tremble when you speak to me because you know you are not worthy of my attention. Hearing my laughter ring in your ears makes your little dick hard doesn’t it? You do crave my attention even though you know I will only be cruel and do all that I can to make you understand that you are not a real man because real men have big dicks to offer beautiful women.

Small Penis Humiliation for tiny men 

That is what you will get when you call me. I am not sweet when it comes to penis size. I deserve the best and the biggest cocks for my pleasure. Since you can’t please me with your tiny cock it makes me wonder what good at all you are to me. I will laugh at you and hurt your feelings if you try and seduce me or flirt with me. You should know your place is at my feet asking for forgivness that you were born so inadequate for the purpose of pleasing women. I will pour the salt of truth in your wound of worthlessness. You will understand after spending time with me that you cannot be a real man that I or any other women will ever take you seriously. You will hear laughter and giggles surrounding you for the rest of your pathetic little dick life from all the girls that pass you by for a bigger better man.

Do you need to be told the hard truth about your worthless penis and your lack of ability to please?  Call me for Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex and I will gladly put you in your place small, little man.  *giggles*

Mistress Roselyn

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